Frugal Living Hacks w/Lisa Rowan – EP 125

As frugal folk, we’re always interested in finding ways to save money and spend less – which is why we are thrilled to have Lisa Rowan on the show to talk about some lesser known ‘hacks’ to both save and earn money!


  • The Frugal Friends Workbook! Whether you’re new to budgeting or trying to reach a big financial goal and need something to motivate you, you’ll enjoy The Frugal Friends Workbook. It’s a digital workbook with 6 week-long challenges that will help you save money, simplify your life, improve money conversations, and more. It’s over 60 pages and can be completed on your own but it’s created to be gone through in pairs or small groups that’s why every purchase comes with two downloads so you can share or split the cost. Head to to learn more and use the code TACOBELL all one word to get $10 off the regular price.
  • Real Friends! Yeah they exist. You might’ve forgotten what it’s like to not have just virtual friends but real friends do exist. They’re the ones that help you move, bring you dinner when you have a baby, and go to the beach with you. Real life friends, get em.

Notable Notes:

We were thrilled to ask Lisa all. the. questions. here’s our top favorites:

  • You have 47 tips alone for curbing mindless spending, what are some of your favorites?
    • Reconsider whether memberships are worth it
    • Do a no spend challenge
    • Hit the gym – it has so many benefits for your wellbeing AND keeps you from spending that time spending money!
  • You have a chapter in your book called ‘Get Debt Free’ but there were a lot of great credit building hacks in there. What’s your favorite from this chapter?
    • Consider a goodwill letter to creditors – it can make a serious difference
    • Claim your missing money – go to your states directory and look up your name
  • What are your favorite tips to earn more money
    • Get a mentor! Look within your career to find an advocate to help you advance in your career
    • Side hustles – survive anything for a season
  • How about planning for the future?
    • You can start a 529 plan for yourself! AND it’s not restricted by the state you live in

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks Lisa for sharing your bill about getting all your money back for a cancelled trip!

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Lightning Round

Areas where we’re currently cutting back on spending and how:

  • Lisa – perishable food waste – finding ways to maximum fresh foods i.e. making one pot meals, salad ingredients I like and know I will eat
  • Jill – cutting back on take out
  • Jen – cutting back on fast food  

Get more from Lisa:

AND check our her book Money Hacks


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