Frugal Friends Book Club: 4 Minimalism & Simple Living Books to Read in 2024 – EP 366

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Need something to freshen up your mind for the coming year? We’ve got you covered! In this episode, Jen and Jill deliver your requested book genre for the book club, which is all about minimalism, simple living, and cleaning up clutter.

Figure out healthier ways to slow your brain down that can give you the capacity to slow other things in your life.


  • Skipping it. Because sometimes the absence of something is better than the presence of something. Whether it was skipping school when you were younger, or skipping the holiday get togethers this month – there’s nothing that makes you feel quite as cool as ‘skipping it’.

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Something Old[er than 5 years]

Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism

Why Jen + Jill picked it:

Jen likes this book, despite its extreme take on minimalism. While there is a notion in minimalism that one must throw away everything they don’t need, the Frugal Friends do not support saying goodbye to everything you have but rather see this book as a learning opportunity. Hear and pick up learning pieces from the author’s experience and perspective on minimalism.

Something New[er than 1 year]

Slow Living: The Secrets to Slowing Down and Noticing the Simple Joys Anywhere (Decorating Book for Homebodies, Happiness Book)

Why Jill picked it:

This book focuses on our lifestyle, encouraging us to live at a slow pace and cultivate contentment, rhythms, and routines. Jill understands the concept of minimalism with things but still struggles with simplicity in her overall life, so this book simply draws her in.

Something Borrowed [from our listeners]

Digital Minimalism

Why Jen picked it:

Jen finds the author’s advice immensely practical and realistic, as the book does not expect readers to completely eliminate technology from their lives but rather encourages them to embrace it. No amount of self-discipline in the world is going to allow you to master yourself on social media because these apps are designed to keep you scrolling.

Something Blue

Hygge Simplified: A Guide to Scandinavian Coziness, Comfort and Conviviality (Happiness, Self-Help, Danish, Love, Safety, Change, Housewarming Gift)

Why Jill picked it:

The holidays are sadly over, and we are about to enter a deep winter, which for many of us is usually cold, dark, and sullen. Jen thinks this may be your pick-me-up book during a difficult season.

A minimalism book we would suggest to a friend beginning their minimalist journey

Jen never felt she needed to subscribe to whatever people told her, so she appreciates Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up” for helping her recognize sentimental things. Jill likes and recommends an entry-level book titled “The More of Less” by Joshua Becker for people who are just starting out on the journey of minimalism.

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