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Hey you mid-week Mavens!

We’re back and checking in on you! How are you holding up?

We know this week can feel both exhilarating and exhausting… and maybe some other adjectives depending on what your family is like. 🙃

If your week could use some good news, we recommend checking out missingmoney.com for any unclaimed funds that may be held in your name. 

I know, I know. This sounds too good to be true.

And while most likely none of us are Mia Thermopolis from the Princess Diaries finding out we’re accidental royalty, it IS possible that there’s some unclaimed cash in your name.

This could be insurance or security deposit refunds that for some reason were never previously processed OR an inheritance you are unaware of. 

Again, no promises on what you might find, but this is our strong encouragement to check out the site just to be sure.

Worse case scenario: there’s nothing and you keep living your life.
Best case scenario: you have extra cash to put towards whatever you want!

Happy hunting! And PLEASE let us know if you do find some money! (And we will send an invoice for a percentage of it… I mean CELEBRATE WITH YOU!)

This Friendletter is Brought to you by:
 🎒 Fanny Packs 🎒

Making a HARD comeback and rebranding themselves as crossbody’s.

Much like the rebranding from casserole to bakes. Respect. These pseudo purses are lightweight, convenient, comfy, and juuuust the right amount of space for what I want to carry. 

If you’re out here sporting a fanny pack crossbody and you’re looking for a great credit card to put in it, we recommend the Bilt Mastercard®.

This one is especially right for all you renters out there! The Bilt credit card allows you to earn up to 100,000 Bilt Points per calendar year on your rental payments, avoid the service fee, AND build your credit score. **

Until next time,

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