🧳 March Budget Tool Kit

Happy last February Friday, Friends!

Thanks to the leap year, we had a little extra time to make some major money moves this month.

Let’s keep that momentum rolling into March! ✊

As the days grow longer, I find myself saying yes to more activities that stretch the budget.

Ice cream date? 🍦 Sure!

Cute new top to wear on said date? 👚 Take my money!

All these yes-es threaten to add up to Spendy Spring, but with a few quick planning tips in mind, I’m manifesting a Money Saving March! 

📝 What to Include in March’s Spending Plan 📝

  • ☘️ St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) – My St. Patty’s Day celebrations have evolved for each season of life, but I’d say it’s always good luck to plan for any parties, treats, drinks, and kid’s classroom activities!

  • 🎊 March Madness – I’m not even the biggest basketball fan, but I still find myself caught up in watch parties from time to time. It’s helpful to plan for any extra food or party hosting!

  • 🌸 Spring Break – Considering I’ve been in a four-person group text titled “Spring Breakers” since last fall, it’s pretty obvious I’ll never not be excited to plan a Spring Break trip! But in my current season of life, it’s critical I plan a great trip on a budget.

    I’ve learned it helps to proactively balance specific costs like travel, food, hotels, entertainment, and souvenirs. Alternatively, to really maximize your Money Saving March, you might opt to relax at home this year!

  • 🌟 Seasonal Upgrades – As the weather turns, now would be a great time to take inventory of any upgrades you’ll need to make during spring sales. Pay special attention to outdoor updates like landscaping needs, patio furniture, and your warmer weather wardrobe!

📢 What’s on Sale? 📢

  • 💭 If you’re still thinking about that vacuum cleaner I told you about on Wednesday, don’t forget March is one of the best times to bring a new one home! 

  • ✂️ It’s lawn growing season… and lawn trimming season. Now’s the perfect time to grab a new string trimmer (AKA weed whacker AKA weed eater if you’re from my neck of the woods).

  • 🤧 Speaking of grass, we’re also starting allergy season. Good news is March is a great time to buy a new air purifier and replacement windows!

  • 🔥 While we’re at it, we could plan way ahead and replace that old space heater while they’re on sale.

💸 March’s Big Money Move 💸

If you’ve had a chance to listen to episode 381, you’re probably well on your way to crushing the 6-week Roth IRA Challenge.

First step: Open a Roth IRA!
Second step: Make contributions.

As long as you contribute before the tax filing deadline (April 15), you can elect to have contributions count towards 2023!

BONUS: While we’re out here crushing our financial goals, why not cross another thing off the to-do list? Check out Ladder and get yourself term life insurance in three easy steps! **

👩‍🍳 What to Cook 👩‍🍳

On Tuesday, we highlighted What we Learned From No-Spend January (EP 382). We celebrated some major wins and got real about the challenges and unexpected realizations!

Today, we shared a great conversation on Overcoming Emotional Spending with Meghan Dwyer. Be sure to listen for some great tips and strategies for curbing emotional spending!

Tune in wherever you get podcasts and let us know what you thought of the episode over on our latest Instagram post!

Catch ya later,
Misti (Your newest Frugal Friend)

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