Leap into action to catch these freebies!

Haaaaaappy Monday, friends! 

Despite February’s extra day, it feels like this month has flown. Anyone else? 🙋‍♀️

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Maybe you’re feeling the opposite – that this month has slowed to a crawl because you’re considering the Leap Day tradition of women proposing to their partners on the 29th!

If that’s the case (OMG, exciting!), then you’ll need all the help you can get paying for that bling ✨💍

Thankfully, February has some awesome freebies & food holidays to take advantage of, which I’ve rounded up just for you! 

🍓 National Strawberry Day is February 27th this year! Celebrate with Caribou and get a FREE medium beverage for signing up for their rewards. Strawberry banana smoothie, here we come. 🏃‍♀️

🥯 Cinnabon is offering 4 BonBites for FREE when you download the app & sign up for their rewards program.

🍗 Are you a Leapling? Take advantage of Cowboy Chicken’s offering of a FREE whole chicken with valid ID showing your leap day b-day!

🏷️ Bill of Sale 🏷️

It’s your son, William’s, sweet sixteen! He just passed his driving test, and he’s got money tucked away for a down payment on a used vehicle.

After convincing you that he’s trustworthy, you take him to the dealership and find the perfect car for a kid his age. 🚗

It’s lime green, sprinkled with rust, and sounds like it’s a step away from falling apart – but Bill loves it. 

With the car purchased, it’s time to get this baby insured! 🔒

Thanks to Policygenius, you can compare insurance rates and select the best fit for young Bill. Policygenuis is an insurance comparison marketplace that helps you find the best rates on auto, home, life, and disability insurance. **

Check them out to see if you can save! AND if you do, tell us about it by leaving US a bill! 🙂


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