International Waffle Deals

Hello Friends! 

Are you a morning person…

…or do you look more like this little guy in the wee hours? 🙋‍♀️

Personally, I’m up around 4:30 a.m. daily due to my “alarm clock” (AKA an energetic dog) who’s ready to walk two miles before the sun comes up.

At first, it was tough to get used to.

Now, I’m grateful for the extra time I have in the mornings! 😇

I get to see the sun rise, experience the birds singing, and take advantage of these amazing International Waffle Day deals before I head into work this morning.

Don’t worry, night owlsthese deals are ALL day on March 25th.

Ready for breakfast at noon?

We’ve got you covered 😉

🥔 Get your fork ready! Waffle House is offering a FREE order of hashbrowns when you sign up for their Regulars Club.

🥠 Cracker Barrel offers a FREE Barrel Bite (appetizer) when you sign up for their rewards. Bonus points: if you buy an entree there you can get a second meal for $5. Chicken & waffles to go, anyone? 💯

🥞 Prefer pancakes or eggs? Denny’s will give you 20% OFF your meal + FREE birthday gifts for signing up for their rewards. 

📦 Moving Bill 📦

This spring I’m working on one of the Big Three costs that we can control (housing, transportation, & food) by moving in with my boyfriend.

Having a roommate will allow me to save some extra $$$ in a high cost of living area and help me to achieve my savings goals.

Thankfully, CIT Bank has a fantastic high-yield savings account with a 4.65% APY that I can park my money in and watch it grow while I wait for the next relationship milestone. 😍 **

Rock on ✌️,

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