Our 5 Favorite Frugal Side Hustles

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

In her previous Friendletters, Misti has shared some of her amazing financial goals for 2024.

This got me thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions & the shifts I can make to stay in alignment with my values.

Now that we’re days away from April (how?!), it’s the perfect time to check in on our goals & make adjustments for the next quarter. 🤠

Can I get vulnerable with you for a second?

My biggest goal of the year was to increase my income, because I’m trying to pay off my $$$ debt.

Just like many of you, I have student loans, a car loan, & consumer debt I’m determined to wipe out. ‍

Slowly but surely, I’m getting there.

The one thing that’s helped me tip over the “I need to put my groceries on a credit card” to “I’m paying off the credit card” is side hustling.

Working in my spare time, selling items, & using my inherent skills has helped me increase my income.

Today, we’re sharing our favorite side hustle picks to light a fire within you. 

Note: We’re choosing to focus on jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home! Making time for a second job isn’t always easy, but eliminating that commute goes a long way. 🚗

✨ Our Favorite Side Hustles: The work from home edition


Freelance writing is our top choice for a WFH side hustle because it allows for flexibility & the income potential is entirely up to you. This gig creates space for you to set your own hours and choose what topics you write about, and you don’t need a degree to start. Just passion, library access (or a laptop), and knowledge of the topic at hand.

Self Publishing is a great way to flex your creative muscles & earn a passive income, especially if you want to work for yourself. This side hustle is for the highly-motivated & organized.


Digital Products with Ellie Diop (Ep. 242) is one of my favorite episodes. Ellie is relatable & her story is an inspiration. In this episode, Ellie explains what digital products are, how to market them, and what the $$$ cost of starting up is. Best part? She offers three action steps at the end of the episode to get your hustle off the ground.


Looking for something more hands on? Pay your mortgage with income generated by your own home! AirBnB allows you to put that extra room to good use, get to know interesting people, and make $$$ without leaving your house. **

How To Start a Frugal Side Hustle Flipping Furniture is for you if you love picking up old furniture from the side of the road & refurbishing it. Consider putting those talents to use and selling what you make on Facebook Marketplace or eBay! Best part? You can do this job sitting in your garage, rocking out to old tunes.


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