Let’s Normalize Secondhand Gifting – EP 261

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It’s that season again and this time we’re pushing back the vanity, obligatory, and first-hand brand-new gifts that we feel like we need to give to our loved ones. Today we are going to break the norm and normalize secondhand gifting. In this episode, let’s get creative and improvise as we gear up for the season of gift-giving. 

Buying second hand isn’t just a financial decision, it’s also connected to our own morality and ethics and the way we want to show up in the world.


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8 Important Reasons To Buy Gifts Secondhand

If you’re already used to gifting secondhand, let’s convince ourselves further. If you’re not, this article by Honestly Modern listed a few reasons why you should buy gifts secondhand. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Not only does Jill think it reduces waste but it also reduces our waste of time as it comes pre-assembled! It’s more affordable and unique. With a deeper intention, Jen thinks gifting secondhand supports local communities and economies. It also reduces carbon emissions and limits us to support exploitative consumption systems such as fast fashion. 

10 Tips on giving Secondhand Christmas Gifts that people will love

“What if I offend someone by giving them a secondhand Christmas gift?” Let’s talk about the potential barriers that people still might bump against and how to do it well. This article from Minimize My Mess lists 10 tips about giving secondhand gifts. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jill says to just don’t give somebody something that you generally wouldn’t give to anyone. You can also let the recipient know they can pass on their gift whenever they no longer have a use for it to lessen the pressure from the recipient. You should also know where to shop in person and online.

Jen thinks there are plenty of options for you to shop second hand so maybe challenge yourself to shop secondhand at other times of the year too and not just for special occasions or when giving someone a gift. 

A secondhand item you’d LOVE to receive!

Jill would love LOVE a secondhand espresso machine and stem cleaner (only one Jill! 🤣) while Jen’s absolute wish is a Nespresso. 

Bill of The Week

Thank you Lloyd for sharing your bill about lowering your tuition bill through grants, scholarships, and having a plan for saving. WELL DONE!

Thanks so Much for Listening!

Thanks so much for listening! Many of you know we have a private community where we do monthly money challenges and offer accountability groups. We want to congratulate one of our members for a big win:

Shout out to Frugal Friends, The Debtonators, Sam W., and my therapist.

I have really wanted my husband to join me in making financial decisions. It’s lonely and challenging to be doing it all on my own. It’s taken nine months, but it is happening. Enter open enrollment for health insurance, FSA, life insurance, etc. etc. etc.

Me: I would like to do this together.
Him: Great! Let’s do it Saturday.
Me: …With the research it can take about four hours to make the best decision.
Him: Four hours?!?! Surely not.
Me: …Actually, yeah…
Him: Okay.

It took four hours and an evening, but we definitely made changes 👏👏👏 based in joint decisions 👏👏👏

Congrats! Thanks for listening and if you want to check out our monthly challenge community head to frugalfriendspodcast.com/club to see what challenge we have coming up next.

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