How to Get Back On Track With Your Budget Quickly – EP153

Many things can derail our budgets and best intentions, but it’s not about falling off the horse, it’s about getting back on! Let’s talk about how we can get back on track quickly with our finances.


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  • All and Nothing. Do you mess up or experience unexpected life events? First, congratulations, you are a human living in the real world, second All and Nothing want you to know that you don’t have to choose between them. There’s a third option, doing the best you can. Remember the next time you experience events that are suboptimal that you don’t have to be all or nothing, you can do the best you can. 

Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article from our friend Allison at Inspired Budget talks all about how to get back on track with our money, even when we’ve been derailed.

What Jen+Jill have to say:

1. ID the problem: consider what led to getting off track (unexpected expense? Impulse? Keeping up with friends?)

2. Evaluate the situation

3. Make a budget: …you knew this was coming 😉 – allows you to be intentional about where you’re putting your money

4. Give yourself grace

5. Set new goals – consider short term money goals (link back to tip #1)

More from the Internet:

This article from living well, spending less lists out 5 tips for getting back on track with our spending and saving quickly

More from Jen+Jill:

1. Freeze your spending

2. Save on food – coupons? naw – but definitely cut your grocery bill!

3. Donate items for tax write offs – We have a different opinion; sure, donate items, but don’t worry about tax write-offs. Spending time simplifying is time spent… not money spent 🙂

4. Return or sell items you don’t need

5. Tell your money where to go


Thank you Ally from Sidney Australia for sharing about paying your mom to clean to your apartment

Thank you for sharing your pill about finding $41 in unclaimed money

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Lightning Round

Getting back on the wagon stories

  • Jill-  
    • renovations/moving/hosting – set us over the edge! Reigning in my eating out budget to put money where I actually want it to go!
  • Jen-  looking at numbers
    • Recognizing areas we could be doing better
    • Respond by optimizing what I’m making


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