Frugal Living Tips For Fall – EP 240

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Leaves have begun to change their color as summer fades into fall. There are so many great things to look forward to during the fall season but above all, it’s also the most frugal season. Grab yourself some blankets, sit back, and relax as we embrace the frugality of fall and talk about activities we can engage in with our family and friends this coming season. 

We just want to take advantage of these sales without having them taking advantage of us.


  • Spider webs. They’re typically gross, something you want to avoid, and representative of dark/dingy/neglected basements and crawl spaces; BUT in the Fall, they’re decor…somehow. And this fall if you’re looking for a type of web that isn’t gross but does connect you with others check out our new Patreon at and our first 100 members get a free bumper sticker for joining. Spider webs – usually something to avoid, sometimes decoration.

5 Reasons Why Fall is the Most Frugal Season

We love being frugal and the Fall season is the greatest time of the year to let our frugality flourish. Jen and Jill walk you through this article’s 5 reasons why it’s the most frugal season out of all and how we should make the most of it. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

The Fall Season is dubbed as the coziest season for its comfortable weather change. Jen sees this an opportunity for us to take advantage by giving our heating and air conditioner a rest as a way to decrease our cost of utilities. The season also offers a wide variety and inexpensive entertainment, producing an inventory of events for us to enjoy. 

Jen reminds us to not forget that there’s lots of sales (i.e Labor Day, Black Friday)! Furthermore, fall season is harvest time which means for Jill, it’s a great time to enjoy those discounts on veggies and other harvested goods. You’re also gonna see a dip in those travel packages so traveling during fall may be a great way to save money and enjoy the season. 

15 Fun Fall Activities On A Budget To Try In 2022

Sometimes we don’t have the full list of good ideas readily available in our head, but this article from Inspired Budget gave us fun and budget friendly fall activities, we can try to make this season memorable and fun with our loved ones! 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jill recommends hosting a potluck party with our friends and family as this can also be a great way to bring in your loved ones to create an outdoor movie experience or anything you can all enjoy together. Jen thinks going out for a nature walk can be a great way to reconnect with people and get fit. Also, stargazing at night would be fantastic to just chill and talk with your friends. 

There’s also another version of taking a walk as Jill suggests it could be done by visiting a state park or taking your kids to have an ‘interesting things walk’ where you collect interesting things you may find in your way. 

What's included in our fall bucket list

For Jen, it’s family Halloween costumes from the thrift store, and Utah for Jill!

Bill of The Week

Thank you Macie from Poland for sharing your bill about minimizing and bartering your unused guitar amp for TONS of coffee!

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