Freebies for teachers AND nurses

Gooooood morning! 

Growing up, I (Kim) was one of those kids that cycled through every career dream possible.

I wanted to be a heart surgeon, a marine biologist, and a nurse all at once. (And more!)

As an adult, I’ve made some of those dreams come true!

I was a veterinary nurse at the Omaha Zoo, I’m an author, and I get to train newbies at my current gig.

Being a trainer has reaffirmed my appreciation for my own teachers growing up, who helped shape me into the person I am today. 

Speaking of appreciating the heroes in our lives…

🎉 It’s Teacher Appreciation Week AND National Nurses Week!!! 🎉

And as a thank you to all of our teachers and nurses out there, we’ve rounded up some of the best freebies to take advantage of this week!

🛍️ Thrive Market is an online marketplace offering organic goods at wholesale prices. They’re offering a FREE year-long membership to nurses & teachers here. Bonus? New members can get 30% off their first purchase after signing up. 

🎨 Teachers can get Canva, an online template editor, for FREE at eligible schools! 

🥦 Simplify dinnertime with Hello Fresh! Teachers & nurses get 60% off their first box plus FREE shipping and a 15% discount for a year.

🤝 Brooks running shoes offers a FREE Community Heroes Program membership for nurses that includes educational materials & a 25% discount.

🎒 School Bill 🎒

Summer is almost here! 🌞 You know what that means.

Road trips, tans, & bug spray galore!

We hope you enjoy the season at the beach or kicking back in the AC, but there’s one thing we need to tackle before we can hit up the cabana on our vacation. And that’s remembering that school starts again in three months

Great news, this means it’s the perfect time to take a look at our sinking funds.

We don’t want to be standing at the cash register with $147 worth of rulers & pencils wondering how the heck we’re going to pay for this come August.

We recommend opening up a high-yield savings account (HYSA) at CIT Bank to set money aside for student expenses.

Right now, CIT is offering a 4.65% APY to help you achieve your financial goals. **

Take that, rulers. 💯

See you next time,

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