Financial Adulting with Ashley Feinstein Gerstley – EP 209

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Ah, adulting. Adulting is weird and nothing can ever fully prepare you for being an adult. We all need a little help sometimes, so we sit down with Ashley as she talks about Financial Adulting and overcoming scarcity mindset to thrive financially.

You don't know what you don't know.


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Ashley Feinstein Gerstley is the author of Financial Adulting, a guide that breaks down everything you need to be a financially confident and conscious adult. She is also a money coach, author of The 30-Day Money Cleanse, and the Founder of the Fiscal Femme, a money platform on a mission to end inequality through financial well-being.

Financial adulting and how it is unique to what we’re used to hearing about money

There are four components of Financial Adulting: taking small consistent steps, knowing what’s happening with your money, having plans that you’re confident in, and understanding context of equity in money.

Biggest barriers to equity and what we can do about it

Wealth gap, history, environment, and different changes in policy are some of the biggest barriers to equity. Having personal finance education specific to our experience and opening up more conversations are just a few ways we can help in reaching equity.

The concept of consumer activism and why it's so important

Ashley talks about consumer activism which she defines as utilizing our money as a tool for what we wanna see more in the world in the form of spending.

What it looks like being your own money coach and practicing accountability

Cheering yourselves on and observing the language you’re using with yourself. Celebrating and tracking the progress are the big things we can do for ourselves.

How much is enough?

  • Jill: A lifestyle that covers a few of my needs, some of my wants, and gives room for generosity
  • Jen: Travis can do the work he loves.

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