Overcoming Your Financial Upcoming w/ Joel Larsgaard – EP 9

Today on the Frugal Friends Podcast we do something very new and exciting by hosting a guest! You don’t want to miss this interview with Joel Larsgaard from the Pour not Poor podcast. In addition to hosting a podcast about craft beer and personal finance with his friend Matt, he also works as a radio and web producer for money saving guru, Clark Howard so he has a lot of tips for saving money to share with us!

Notable Notes

We ask Joel about everything from his history with frugality, money saving tips he picked up from Clark Howard, expert advice on rental properties, how he find deals on mid-century furniture, and finally to the topic of biking to work!

What we got from the conversation was more than anyone could have expected as Joel speaks candidly and with a great deal of knowledge about his own experience watching his parents file for bankruptcy, ways adult children can broach the topic of finance with aging parents, and the process of forging a new path with one’s own financial decisions.

It’s a great combination of insightful, thought-provoking conversation and light-hearted tips for anyone on the wide spectrum of frugal living!

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