😋 Free Food on Black Friday

Brought to you by:
🪞 Mirrors 🪞

Happy (week of) Thanksgiving!

We hope you are gearing up for a restful and enjoyable holiday!

Is it safe to assume the 🍗 turkey is accounted for?

Or are you like me (Jill) and think turkey isn’t even in the top 5 best proteins so you’re opting for some bbq instead??

Whatever you end up eating this week, I’m gonna guess that by Friday you will NOT want to think about cooking. 🙅🏻‍♀️

So whether you’re out and about choosing to shop, or you just want to score some free stuff, here’s what you can take advantage of on Friday!!

🍳 Free tea at McAlisters Deli for rewards members. AND that “tea pass” is good for 30 days of free tea, so you can stay refreshed throughout the holidays. 🎄

🍟 Almost FREE fries at McDonalds on Fridays. When you download the app and make an order of at least $1. From there you can find the free fries under the deals tab, add that to your order and get yourself that medium sized salty potato snack.

🎁 Gift card bonuses to restaurants. If you enjoy dining out or plan to give any gift cards this holiday season, keep in mind that Applebees, Moe’s Southwest Grill,Jamba and others are giving bonus gift cards in varying amounts with the purchase of a gift card.

🛒 Your Grocery Bill 🛒

It’s the most expensive time of the year ♫ (sung to a Christmas tune). One place we have to be VERY intentional about this time of year is our grocery bill.

We know and you know that starts with a meal plan which leads to a grocery list. The thing is that can be very hard to do this time of year.

That’s why we’re excited that Cook Smarts’ biggest sale of the year is back!

Now through Nov 29th, new members get 40% off every Cook Smarts plan. (Psst! They don’t advertise it but you can get a 6-month plan at checkout if you don’t want to commit to a full year!) 

We LOVE Cook Smarts and we know so many of you love it too!

Don’t miss this sale because you won’t see 40% off again for at least 6 months (possibly longer, they only did 40% off once last year and twice this year.) **

This Friendletter is Brought to you by:
🪞 Mirrors 🪞

Sometimes useful, like when you have food stuck in your teeth: the mirror is the friend you need. Sometimes not so helpful, like when you’re Snow White and the mirror unknowingly assists another in plotting your demise.

And at other times your kid is your mirror and you see yourself in them… for better or worse!

If this is true for you, but you have high hopes of setting them up for an even better future, then consider opening them a 529 through Backer.

The Backer app guides you through the process of setting up a 529 account to begin investing in their education. So here’s to mirrors and reflecting the best possibilities for your kids! **

Until next time,

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