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🤓 Responsibility 🤓

Hey there ballot babes!

For those of you reading the Friendletter in the 🇺🇸 States, you know election day is this week (check here for a list of what’s being voted on in your state!).

Wherever you land on your level of civic engagement and knowledge of the present issues at hand, this time of year can bring both hope and overwhelm.

And while we can’t help you at the polls, we CAN help you treat ‘yoself afterwards.

Here’s our round-up of the best deals this week, but also be sure to check your local area for what else is being offered as a reward for casting your vote.

🛴 Free Lime Rides. If you’ve got lime scooters and bikes in your neighborhood this one’s for you! Use code: LOCALELECTIONS2023 on the lime app now through November 7th to get a free ride to your polling location.

🥪 Popeyes’ BOGO Chicken Sandwich. When you order any chicken sandwich combo you get any al la carte chicken sandwich for free. Redeem this Popeyes offer online or in the app under the ‘offers’ section.

🥤 Shake Shack’s BOGO Milkshake. Get yourself a treat between 2-5pm now through November 30th by using code: FAVESHAKE. This deal is eligible at any participating Shake Shack locations for online, app, or in-store kiosk orders.

🚙 Your Car Bill 🚙

From maintenance and repairs to monthly loan payments, our transportation costs can be quite high month to month! 🏎️💨

As we look at ways to reduce one of our biggest expenses, we recommend slimming down our car insurance bill.

If you haven’t shopped around for the best price on car insurance in awhile, here’s your motivation! Check out PolicyGenius, a free insurance comparison marketplace, to get the lowest rate available to you. **

This Friendletter is Brought to you by:
🤓 Responsibility 🤓

We don’t always love responsibility, especially when it feels mostly like obligation (👋 hello 👋 washing the bedsheets, and renewing my drivers license🙃). BUT when we actually follow through on the ‘doing’ of something responsible, that can be a great feeling!

Like when you use Capitalize to find any old and forgotten 401(k) plans with previous employers and roll them over into an IRA for FREE! If you’ve ever changed jobs and you’re uncertain about what you left behind, check out Capitalize to make sure you’re not leaving any retirement money on the table!

Since you’re likely voting on more serious stuff this week, here’s a light-hearted poll.

Until next time,

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