Your Generosity Purpose & The Eternal Economy with Derrick Kinney – EP 221

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Throughout our frugal journey, we have placed great importance on generosity and creating a habit of giving back. However, there’s always a deeper layer on finding the purpose in giving. Derrick Kinney, a podcast host, author, and CEO of Good Money Framework introduces us to his meaningful concept of Generosity Purpose and the 3 Money Levers. We also discussed taking control of our own money and investing in the Eternal Economy. 

Money flows where values goes.


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Derrick Kinney is changing how you feel about money. He believes money is not bad and good people should have more of it. After applying these proven principles with thousands of clients, Kinney sold his multimillion-dollar business to teach these success steps to you. As CEO of Good Money Framework and host of the popular Good Money podcast, Kinney visits with influential business and thought leaders to inspire you to make more money and use it for good. 

The Concept of "Generosity Purpose" and How It Relates to Making More Money

A sullen-looking guy once came up to Derrick and told him how he felt demotivated to work on the business he worked so hard for– this pushed Derrick to ask the question, “Is there a cause you care about?” Picking a cause you care about will not only benefit the cause but it will enhance your relationship with your clients and business partners. 

Teaching Our Money to Make More Money

Think of yourself as the CEO of your money wherein you have a plan for it, the people who will handle and other aspects that you are in-charge of. You will feel more in control with the money you make, it can drive you to keep achieving your goals and create new ones. Also, people tend to make better financial decisions when they attach an emotion to the action of achieving their goals.

Three Money Levers Everyone Must Know

Getting inspired by a rollercoaster, Derrick thought of a bright analogy as to how our minds have different levers wherein when we press it in the right way or order, it can give us big results impacting our lives. There might be reasons why you’re still holding back right now but until the pain is great, the change will not occur. The guaranteed way for you not to make more money is to keep doing exactly what you’re doing right now.

The Eternal Economy and Why We Need to Be Investing in It

The present value of money when it comes to giving to the causes you care about is always greater in the future value. If you start giving now, you create this habit of generosity which will then create a bigger impact as what you do with little is what you will do with a lot

What we'd do if we had all the money we needed in the world

  • Derrick: Give enough way to drive me to make more
  • Jill: Generosity is a big part of my why – still need purpose
  • Jen: Would still create

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