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Budgeting. We’re never gonna stop talking about it. AND on this episode we have THE Jesse Mecham, creator and founder of the famous budgeting app ‘You Need a Budget’. For those still wondering whether or not they actually need a budget, and for all the rest who benefit from more reminders and tips; listen in!

Be proactive with what our money should do and not reactive; kind of lamenting on what it did.


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The 4 Rules for Successful Budgeting

We asked Jesse all about the 4 rules for successful budgeting.

Adults tend to think we can be able to afford anything, unlike children who’d still be quite hesitant to spend. The first rule should be to give every dollar a job–this is THE RULE as the following three rules are just a derivative of it. Consider the idea of trade offs (i.e. If i do this – I can’t do that) and recognize the finite nature of your money. Budget based on the money currently on your hand, not tomorrow, not on your next pay, and certainly, not next year.

Secondly, embrace your true expenses by also considering the less frequent expenses as part of your monthly budgeting (e.g car tire/wheels). Tagged along with the second rule is to roll with the punches–recognizing that the future is not static. Change your plan as needed, recognize it’s a process, and engage in a high frequency of interaction with your budget. 

Jesse shared how he and his wife were able to live off the money they got from their wedding and worked for their next month–the idea of living ahead instead of behind. Relating this to the last rule which is to age your money by letting your money ‘hang out a little’ while you earn for the coming expenses. 

Our latest budgeting flub and how we recovered

  • Jesse: Took over Costco run and didn’t even know how much the total bill was!
  • Jill: Yup. Still working on the house!
  • Jen: Not budgeting lol

Bill of The Week

Thank you Jesse for sharing your bill about your electricity bill of $16!!

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Jesse's Book Recommendations

The Wealthy Barber
Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin
The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz
AntiFragile by Nassim Taleb
Deep Work by Cal Newport

Thanks so Much for Listening!

Thanks so much for listening! Many of you know we have a private community where we do monthly money challenges and offer accountability groups. We want to congratulate one of our members for a big win:

I am not a morning person.

I used to beat myself up over my inability to do focused work before 12pm, but now I just “lean into it”. I spend my mornings doing tasks and chores that force me to move around and then settle in for deep work sessions in the afternoon. Learning this about myself has made me so much more productive!

Congrats! Thanks for listening and if you want to check out our monthly challenge community head to frugalfriendspodcast.com/club to see what challenge we have coming up next.

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