How to Budget Without Deprivation – EP 186

Does the word ‘budget’ feel limiting to you? Does it seem like you won’t have any fun with your friends if you have a budget? It doesn’t have to be this way! We believe it’s possible to create a budget that makes room for spending on the things we value and afford the things we need. We’re here to flip the script and chat about ways to budget without feeling deprived.


  • Our 7-Day No-Spend Challenge Workbook! You are about to be spending more money than usual so why not prepare with a no-spend week? We’ve created a free mini-workbook that will help you plan, execute, and reflect on your no-spend challenge so that after 7-days you know what you need to work on moving forward and you have an action plan to do so. So if that sounds like something you need head to to get yours.
  • Coffee. I’m a basic B and you better believe that as a basic B I love to work out of coffee shops that play basic B music and get my basic B iced latte lightly sweetened with vanilla. This experience brings me joy and I can name many things I don’t spend money on so that I can spend more money on coffee. Does that make me basic? Maybe. But you know what it doesn’t make me? Living somebody else’s subpar expectations for how I should live my life. Coffee. Get your latte boo. 


What the Internet has to say:

This article from Life Skills that Matter outlines various methods of approaching spending and saving and ultimately gives an excellent explanation of a frugal way of creating a budget that is simple and doesn’t feel like deprivation.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • Frugal method how to:
  • 1. Make a list of fixed monthly expenses
  • 2. Identify what from the list you can cut immediately
  • 3. Negotiate a deduction for each your remaining expenses
  • 4. Make a list of all your irregular monthly expenses
  • 5. Choose 3 ‘guilt-free’ expenses (and look for ways to reduce the rest)

More from the Internet:

This article from Whole Family Living lists out 5 ways we can budget without feeling like we’re missing out or depriving ourselves of the things we want.

More from Jen + Jill:

  • 1. Implement the SMART goal system for budgeting (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-sensitive) 
  • 2. Spending freeze
  • 3. Accountability partner
  • 4. Make it FUN!
  • 5. Utilize an accordion file (same thing as the cash envelope method…we think ‘eh.’
    • USE Qube money – it’s a bank app with built in envelope system


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Lightning Round 

 Cool things we budget for

  • Jen-   buying coffee out during debt pay-off, take-out now!
  • Jill-   gum during debt pay-off days, food (take-out, going out) now!


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