Why We Still Love the KonMari Method + You Should Too! – EP 148

Simplifying and minimizing never go out of style! Listen in as we chat about the KonMari method, what we like, and the freedom we can find in identifying our own version of frugality and minimalism.


  • Meal Planning Services: They are salvation when your brain just can’t decide what to eat anymore. We recommend Cook Smarts. It has three dietary options: traditional, paleo, and vegetarian, an amazing variety of recipes and the best quality recipes of the meal planning services we’ve tried. If you want to try Cook Smarts for 30 free head to frugalfriendspodcast.com/cs to get some meal planning help this week!
  • Timeless: Those items that never go out of style and supercede the ‘trends’; somehow bell-bottoms and belly shirts seem to be falling into this category, but we say frugality and minimalism are the real champs. Timeless: when you don’t need to look at the clock to know if somethings great.

Notable Notes:

We are pleased to bring you an oldie but a goodie as we play episode 37, all about the KonMari method, the pros, the cons and how to make minimalism work for us!

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