How to Eat Healthy On A Budget – EP 147

Eating healthy and saving money don’t have to be competing goals! We’re talking about how we can get the nutrition we need without overspending at the grocery store.


  • Meal Planning services: They are salvation when your brain just can’t decide what to eat anymore. We recommend Cook Smarts. It has three dietary options: traditional, paleo, and vegetarian, an amazing variety of recipes and the best quality recipes of the meal planning services we’ve tried. If you want to try Cook Smarts for 30 free head to to get some meal planning help this week!
  • Dishes: They’re sitting there, waiting for you. It feels like they’re watching, judging as you walk by and do nothing. Did you know that some people actually do their dishes every night and wake up with a clean kitchen? Those people are liars. Dishes are the unfortunate byproduct of cooking at home but they want you to know they can make it easier on you. If you soak things, wash them quicker, or have children, raise them for 10 years then make them do all the dishes. Dishes, they are still there.

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Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Healthline provides us with a nice list of 19 ways to eat healthy on a budget

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • Cook at home – saves money and reduces amounts of oil/salt, etc.
  • Replace meat with other proteins
  • Rurchase in season – and buy frozen fruits/veggies that aren’t in season 
  • Plan your meals: pick 1 day/week to write down what you will eat, check your pantry/fridge for what you already have, make a shopping list (check out pinterest for helpful meal plans that resonate with you)
  • Grow your own – this may not be ultimately cost effective depending on your situation, but growing your own tomatoes and herbs could help reduce costs and lend to tastier meals!
  • Appreciate less expensive food – i.e. beans, eggs, seeds, whole grains, cheaper cuts of meat, produce that is in season, etc.

More from the Internet:

This article from The Kitchn outline the best food that help us eat healthy on a budget

More from Jen + Jill:

  • Beans + lentils
  • Sweet potatoes (and regular potatoes!!)
  • Cottage cheese
  • EGGS!! There are SO many ways to use eggs!
  • Hummus (healthier snack AND can be paired with veggies)
  • Can of salmon – we found this one interesting!

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Lightning Round

 Food hacks

  • Jen-  food blogs, paying attention to food portions
  • Jill –  make my own! Use up extra fruit/veggies in a smoothie (coconut water), visual meal plan


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