The Meaning in Minimalism With Joshua Becker | How Becoming Minimalist Can Change Your Life – Ep 32

We are beyond thrilled to be speaking with Joshua Becker, author of “The More of Less”, on the podcast today! Joshua is a speaker, blogger, author, and expert on the topic of minimalism and he shares with us his own minimalist journey. We also talk about Joshua’s book, tips for those desiring a minimalist lifestyle, where to get started, how to do this with a family, and the deeper discoveries minimalism affords us. THIS is the episode you don’t want to miss!


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  •  Magazines – all the content you ever need. And all of it can be found on the internet! Got a magazine? Recycle it! Or make a collage! Doesn’t really matter what you do with them – just know that eventually they belong in the trash. And thanks to minimalism – this will be even more attainable for you as you put these things into practice. Magazines! Don’t use them!

Notable Notes:

Our conversation with Joshua dives deep into the ‘why’ behind minimalism and the self-discovery that occurs in the process. These questions brought out some valuable content and conversation!

Jen and Jill’s Questions for Joshua:

  • When you decided to eliminate the nonessentials, how did you determine what the essentials were?
  • What were some challenges you faced in this process of minimizing?
  • How can we practice minimalism when other family members may not be ‘on board’?
  • After you minimized possessions, how did your minimalism evolve beyond that?
  • How can living a minimalist lifestyle directly change our financial lives?

BILL OF THE WEEK –  Thank you Joshua for sharing your bill with us! Your tip to split the mortgage in half and pay 2x/month is great!

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More Questions from Jen and Jill:

Frugal Friends Book Club: We’ve finished “The More of Less” by Joshua Becker, and tomorrow we begin “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko! – head over to our Frugal Friends Community to join the discussion!

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