Upgrade Your Bed Sheets Without Spending a Fortune

Hi Friends! 

I (Kim) have something to admit – I love sleeping.

As soon as it gets dark outside, I start my nighttime routine so I can get the perfect amount of zzz’s 😴 before my alarm so rudely kindly wakes me up in the morning. 

And naps? Don’t get me started! Heavenly.

However, I’ve found myself in a bit of a sleeping predicament: I’m moving in with my partner this spring.

You know what that means – new bed, new frame, new sheets! 💃

I’m excited to finally upgrade the sheets that my parents bought me as a moving out present, but as a twenty-something, I realized that I have no idea what to get.

Fortunately, listening to the podcast has taught me the value of research, and I’ve shared the fruits of that labor below! 

The Breakdown

1. The two most common types of sheets are cotton and linen. Cotton sheets are made from spun cotton plants, and it produces the soft sheets that you want to sink into at the end of the night.

Linen sheets are made from the stem of a flax plant, and linen is known for being a strong fiber. While not as soft, these sheets will last longer. Both have excellent options for hot sleepers.

2. Flannel sheets are produced from wool fiber and are an excellent choice for wintertime. Soft, affordable, and warm, flannel sheets are perfect for those in a cooler climate.

3. Worried about the environment? While there are alternative sheets like bamboo and microfiber, cotton and linen sheets have a lower environmental impact during production.

Wondering what to do with old sheets? Repurpose, of course! Animal shelters can always use old blankets and sheets for their furry friends.

4. For a hotter climate: linen sheets. Linen sheets have high breathability, absorbency, and a quick drying time. 100 degrees and humid? This is the sheet style for you.

Now that we’ve cleared up sheet styles, let’s talk about our budgets.

If you’ve seen Uptown Girls, you’re probably rocking out to Sheets of Egyptian Cotton in your head and wondering if you can swing snazzy sheets & if they’re really that soft. 

👀 Spoiler alert: You can….

….and you can’t. 

There are plenty of fabulous cotton bedsheets, but those labeled “Turkish Cotton” and “Egyptian Cotton” might not be what you imagined.

We’re here to demystify shopping for you, and for transparency, just because cotton was grown in Egypt does not make it soft or quality.

To save your budget & get the most for your $$$, look for cotton with a long (or extra long) staple. The longer the staple = the better the sheets.

💡 Bonus Tip

Beef up your sinking funds! 

You’ve done your research on the perfect sheets and have plenty left in your shopping budget. Instead of buying that shiny new air fryer, save that money and put it in a high-yield savings account!!

We love this one over here at CIT Bank, which is offering a 4.65% APY. Your sinking funds will thank you. ** 


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