Goal Setting & Strategizing for The New Year – EP 192

It’s that time again when we start thinking about what we want from this fresh new year. Of course it takes thought, preparation, and a bit of strategy to ensure we actually reach the goals we’ve set and see the progress we desire! Join us as we look at tips for setting attainable goals and experiencing personal growth in the new year.


  • Our 2022 Goal Planning Workshop! On December 27th we’re doing a free planning and strategy workshop to help you break down your 2022 money goal into actionable month-by-month goals and steps. It’ll be like an extension of this episode and we’ll be doing it live together. Jill and I will be doing this too so come with a goal in mind and lets break it down together. Space is limited and a replay will be sent out to everyone who registers so grab your seat at frugalfriendspodcast.com/training!
  • Whack-em-all: one of the best arcade and circus games out there (next to skee ball of course, but their sponsorship was out of our price range). You cant win at whack-em-all without a good strategy and a fair degree of rage, reflexes, and just an overall sense of urgency. Kind of like what we’re talking about in this episode. Whack-em-all where strategy and chaos meet to create fun for all!

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