The Future of Frugal – EP 167

Too often frugality is confused with being cheap or cutting corners just to save a penny. We want to interrupt those ideas. We believe the future of frugality is values based spending, intentionality with finances, and stewarding all resources well. On this episode we invite Christine Platt, Leslie Oldanie, and Chris Browning to help us cast vision for the future and find the freedom to create a lifestyle that works for us!


  • The Future of Frugal Summit! Over 4 days we’re bringing together 20 expert speakers for this FREE virtual event to help you make changes that promote choosing frugality enthusiastically not just as a means to an end. Frugality is a choice and when it becomes a habit you can save money without thinking but to make it a habit we want it to be enjoyable so get your free ticket and virtual goodie bag at and we’ll see you in the private Facebook group!
  • Event planning: it’s harder than you think.

Notable Notes:

We’ve selected a few clips from some of our favorite interviews at summit – listen in!

  1. Christine Platt – The Afrominimalist
  • You have to do frugality and minimalism your own way
  • Bring your authentic self into your version of minimalism
  • Minimalism is a lifestyle available to everyone as long as you focus on authenticity over aesthetics.
  • When you lead with authenticity you learn more about yourself and you keep wanting to feel that joy of authenticity
  • Minimalism is more than decluttering, it transforms every area of your life. 

2. Laura Oldanie – Rich and Resilient Living

  • 8 Forms of Capital:
    (1) Financial Capital
    (2) Material Capital
    (3) Intellectual Capital
    (4) Experiential Capital
    (5) Spiritual Capital
    (6) Living Capital
    (7) Cultural Capital
    (8) Social Capital

3. Chris Browning – Popcorn Finance

  • It’s important to be able to protect wealth early on and to make the decision for yourself to protect the things we work hard for.
  • The first step to setting your wealth building up for success is to take a quick evaluation of where you are in your life and look at it as if you are in a position where you can no longer make a decision for yourself.
  • Protect the things you work hard for

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Lightning Round 

 What do you want people to take away from The Future of Frugal?

  • Jill- hype, community, introduce new topics and perspective
  • Jen- actionable strategies, give value, deepening love for frugality


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