Good morning, friends! 

A little over a year ago, I (Kim) became a first-time auntie!

I love spending time with my niece, and recently decided to take her to the free zoo that my city offers.

We had a blast looking at all the animals and plants, but by the time that we were done, she was starving and exhausted!

To expedite our return home for a nap, I decided to take her out for a quick lunch.

Now, I don’t have kids of my own, so when I got the receipt and it was $12 less than I expected, I was surprised!

Turns out, LOADS of restaurants have a “Kids Eat Free” policy. 🤯

Of course, I had to do more digging and share a list with you.

For those of you with little humans 👦🏻 in your life, read on!

🥞 IHOP offers FREE children’s meals nightly with purchase of an adult entrée. This is a great one to take advantage after work when there’s a gap in the meal plan! 

🍖 Famous Daves offers kids a FREE Lil’ Wilbur meal on Tuesdays with the purchase of an adult entrée. This is the perfect place to get messy & have a good time! 

🍳 Who doesn’t love the quintessential diner? Join the Denny’s reward program & get a FREE kids meal with a purchase over $6. 

🛋️ Need to take care of a few errands (like getting new furniture) AND feed the kids? Every Wednesday, IKEA gives two FREE kids meals with purchase of an adult entrée. 

🍔 Need a quick dinner? Children 12 & under eat FREE every Wednesday at Smashburger with purchase of an adult meal.

🙃 Your Uh-Oh Bill 🙃

Have you ever taken your toddler out to lunch, and suddenly there’s a handprint-sized barbeque sauce stain on the white shirt they were wearing?

Not to mention it’s the latest in a string of “these clothes were stained, those clothes don’t fit, and who do these shoes even belong to?!”

Thankfully, Beni is a free browser extension that searches top second-hand websites for clothing matching what you need. 

Clothing crisis, averted. 💯 **

Catch you on the flip,

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