🙅‍♀️ How to Prep for No-Spend January

Hey, YOU!

We’re barreling towards 2024 and if you’re feeling motivated to start the new year off feeling really stinkin’ great about your money and what you’re doing with it, then you should definitely do a no-spend month with us!

Start Here.

For background, a 🚫 no-spend challenge (NSC) 🚫 is a way to gamify our finances for a short period of time (because never spending is NOT sustainable!)

The purpose of a NSC is to get a grasp on our spending behaviors, better understand our habits and triggers, and identify ways to improve our relationship with money for the long-term.

An added benefit for most is having a little extra cash 💰 at the end of the challenge that can be put towards debt pay-off or other savings goals. 🌟

The best way to prep for this no-spend challenge on January 1-30 is to do a 📋 90-day transaction inventory ahead of time. This will help you identify where your key spending triggers are, and what you want to NOT spend on over the next 30 days. SO…

🗂️ Compile all your 🏦 bank and 💳 credit card statements from the last 90 days

📝 In a spreadsheet or printed out, review every transaction (certainly make sure they’re all accurate) and determine what you spend the most money on

🧾 Use this transaction inventory to inform what you will cut out of your spending in January (and keep it handy for other processing prompts we will give you throughout the month)

Finally, it’s no fun to do this alone, so refer your friends! 

Give them your unique referral link at the bottom of this email so they too can get all the NSC emails over the next month. As a ‘thanks’, you will get FFP merch mailed to you for just 1 friend referral!

💎 BONUS: this NSC is also about getting our finances in order and utilizing our time not spent shopping on accomplishing tasks that will set us up well in the future.

This includes making sure we’re not leaving any money on the table in forgotten 401(k)’s. Believe it or not, this happens often when people switch jobs as they can forget to move their previous employer’s 401(k) with them!

If this is you, we recommend Capitalize. They are a service that finds and rolls over your old 401(k) into an IRA of your choosing (for free!) so you can keep earning money on that money.

Start my rollover!

Until next time,

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