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I’ll be honest, I’m definitely the type of basketball fan (a.k.a, I’m not one) ⛹🏽‍♂️ that just had to Google how March Madness actually works.

All I know is, true basketball fans will be tuned in to games for the next three weeks, and there seems to be a lot of this:

I, personally, have always been more excited for the March Madness-inspired games we play as team building exercises in school and work, which got me thinking…

What are other fun ways we can lean into the Madness? 

By taking advantage of the freebies, of course!

🍕 There’s so many great deals on pizza this month for those of you hosting a party (or if you’re like me and just really like having extra pizza for yourself), so be sure to check on deals at your favorite pizza place!

In past years, Domino’s, Little Caesars, and Pizza Hut rolled out some amazing discounts during March Madness, so we can expect to see great deals this year too. If in doubt, you can always score a free pizzoli when you buy one large or XL pizza at Marco’s Pizza (be sure to use code FPMPP)!

🍗 Order online or at the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings, and if any of the games you’re watching go into overtime, you’ll win a free order of wings for your next visit (within 30 days of the championship game).

🍔 Wendy’s may have made a pretty controversial pricing announcement recently, but they’re really coming through with a great March Madness promo this year. Through April 10, order from the Wendy’s app to get Dave’s Single burgers for $1 or Dave’s Double burgers for $2!

🥪 Through April 8, score FREE delivery fees at McAlister’s Deli when ordering online or through the app.

🍨 Carvel has all your ice cream and cake needs met with a $5 discount off $30 or more through DoorDash, Grubhub, or UberEats between March 21-24.

🚘 Last year, delivery apps like Uber Eats actually offered some pretty great delivery discounts, so be sure to check your app for promos! And did you know Amazon Prime members can now get a year of Grubhub+ for free?! Sign up for $0 delivery fees! 

🍦 Speaking of ice cream, did you know a lot of ice cream shops offer a FREE Cone Day throughout the year? Dairy Queen always celebrates on the first day of spring (tomorrow, March 19!) with a FREE in-store small DQ Cone!

👴🏻 Grandpa Bill 👴🏻

His name wasn’t actually Bill, but all this talk about basketball made me think about my step-grandpa.

I very rarely visited him without a sports game blaring in the background—for a man born and bred in TN, he sure loved his Boston Celtics!

He also loved providing for his family, which included making sure he had life insurance to provide after he was gone.

It can be hard to think about, but Ladder makes it easy to plan ahead just in case.

You can access affordable term life insurance in three easy steps, and they offer flexibility to change your coverage on the same policy when your needs change throughout life. **

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