Intentional Strategies to Increase Your Income with Rich Jones – EP 305

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There’s always something to negotiate for, and it takes courage to do so. If you’re hesitating to ask for an increase or negotiate your work benefits, this episode will boost your confidence and make you feel your worth in your job. Tune in to learn from Rich Jones’ expertise on intentional strategies to increase your income, and take steps towards advocating for yourself in the workplace.

Even with the turbulence that happens in life, it still feels easier to get there because ultimately, you know what it is that you are working toward when you are intentional.


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Rich Jones is a Health & Performance coach for mid-career professionals, a national champion in masters track and field, and an inspirational speaker. He’s on a mission to help high achievers live healthier lives and break the cycles holding them back. Rich leverages insights from 12+ years in human resources and 5+ years in personal finance media to connect the dots between work, money, life, and holistic health. Rich is also the host of The Mental Wealth Show podcast.

Conversations on Money and Work

In 2013, Rich started his first podcast because he was trying to find content that spoke to him as a lot of the personal finance content at that time was either too dull or he saw the same face of the older white gentleman in a suit. Rich loves sharing his experience working in the professional world, as he believes good career decisions lead to good financial outcomes. Rich wanted to bridge the gap between the conversations we have with money and around work. 

Advocating For Yourself In The Workplace

There are bad managers out there because some take the position to use it as leverage in their career; as a result, those people they manage suffer. When it comes to getting raises and promotions at work requires you to advocate for yourself.

It is not your manager to track your achievements; it is your own. It would be best if you were more vocal about your accomplishments. It requires you to write down your performance throughout the year so you have receipts when conversations like this come out. 

Taking Risks In Your Career

A variety of companies are subject to all regulations and laws. Externally, do not divulge your salary unless it’s somehow required. It can be a bit challenging internally as you can’t just send a note to your HR asking for a raise. You can also try getting an external offer–this is risky, and you have to be comfortable accepting this risk. Take your life on your own; live intentionally.

The Right Time to Ask For More

After you accept the offer or when you start your next role, begin to have an idea of how that will take you forward, which will help you plot the next few steps. It’s not always that immediate next move; sometimes, it’s two or three moves down the road. I encourage you to constantly think about what’s next, the skills and projects you need to pick up on so you can get on that experience. Ask for more, not just in the dollar form; it can be a form of benefits. 

Bill of The Week

Thank you Rich for the bill that is your therapist named Bill, which he has been going to weekly since August 2017 and where he gets reimbursement through healthcare benefits!

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