How to Negotiate a Higher Salary in Any Field with Mandi Woodruff-Santos – EP 263

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You may not even notice but we negotiate with a lot of things! May it be negotiating prices on Facebook marketplace or deals on self-employment, we all have been there. If you think you’re bad at negotiating or even if you are good at it, you are required to hop in for this episode with Mandi Woodruff-Santos in negotiating a higher salary in any field. 

If you really want to be on the running for the best job opportunities, you need to be poachable. You need to be found.


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Mandi Woodruff-Santos is the award-winning co-host of the Brown Ambition podcast and founder of the MandiMoney Makers™️, a one-of-a-kind leadership & career coaching community for women of color. She’s been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, The New York Times, CNBC, CNN, just to name a few.

How Mandi's career began and the lessons about salary negotiation

Mandi graduated from college in 2009 with a degree in Print Journalism. She was able to land a job right after graduating for a newspaper print but was eventually faced with an obstacle as she was offered her dream job. Mandi took the offer and quickly fell as she ended up getting laid off 3 months later into her job. Realization hit as merely asking is not the only thing that matters but working really hard to prove your value and breaking the fear of negotiating. 

Getting "poached"

A lot of people aren’t spending enough time in creating a strong professional brand that makes companies excited to work with them. When you are the one being poached, you have more leverage to start with because they have come to you and tapped you on the shoulder as they wanted you. Use and curate your LinkedIn account so employers would be able to find you easily. You should also attend small networking groups where your next employer might be hanging out!

How to negotiate your salary without it backfiring to you (and what to do next if it did)

It has to be a delicate balance as you have to understand that it is going to be a little bit challenging. However, if you approach it from a place of honesty and transparency throughout the hiring process, it helps them understand that you are a hot commodity and might comply with your negotiation. 

Breaking mindset blocks for leaving a good job

Go for it! Ask for that promotion, ask for that raise! Get in that habit, chronicling your impact along the way as you go through the year. I don’t know who told us that we have to choose one thing to do after college and that we have to stick to it throughout our entire lives–well, life changes. 

Our best or worst salary negotiation story

  • Mandi: Displayed her brilliance and  negotiated a signing bonus from $50K to a whopping $125K
  • Jill: Did the best negotiation along with Jen and has yet to experience the worst
  • Jen: Left after getting turned down for asking to have more than $10 per hour. While her best negotiation story would be  when she got a discount from $10K to $5K.

Bill of The Week

Thank you Mandi for sharing your bill about Bill HR 6850 – salary transparency act that is to disclose the job salary range on a job listing!

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