How to Travel Full Time on a Budget – EP 312

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Have you ever looked at the latest vacation photos on your social media feed, wondering when you’ll be able to experience traveling without worrying about your finances? It’s time to stop hesitating, as this episode traverses the map and guides you to your dream destination of full-time travel on a budget. Come and get ready for a frugal adventure-packed journey with us!

Traveling on a budget is doable and attainable with preparation and within your own set of values and priorities.


  • Atlas. Not the collection of maps OR the Greek titan condemned to hold up the heavens, BUT Jen’s 4-week-old son named Atlas. ATLAS has graciously chosen to sponsor today’s episode— thanks for the cash little man. And it’s quite fitting because as his name alludes to we are going to be talking about traversing the globe and the types of guides you need today. Speaking of guides, Chloe has an awesome one called “Get Your Money Right Guide” and it’s full of everything you need to GET YOUR MONEY RIGHT. All the most frequently asked questions are in a 30-page guide with templates, links to blogs, videos, and MORE. Check it out at

How Much Does It Cost to Travel Around the World?

Earth Trekkers shares the overall costs of their one-year travel experience in this article

What Jill + Chloe have to say:

Some countries cost more than other places and the value of your currency might be more or less in any given country. Hence, it is important to take note of the countries you will visit when budgeting. The longer you stay in one place, the lower your daily costs will be, says Jill, as frequently moving to different locations will cost you money and energy! Also, food will be an important factor in your traveling expenses, so Jill advises you to have accommodation or a place where you have a kitchen to make your own food. You might want to avoid adding up to the miscellaneous fees that constantly pop up throughout your long-term trip.

The cost of transportation will significantly influence your expenses, whether domestic or international, which is why Chloe wants you to figure it out first and choose your priority in every location you set upon. Chloe has just finished about 9 months of full-time travel, and she almost feels like many people think accommodations are not a flexible expense when it is false! While it is an important factor to consider in your travel, there are many ways to lower or control the price range of your accommodation, such as couch surfing. Lastly, the activities, tours, and excursions in the places you will visit are something you might consider spending on too. 

25 Painless Ways To Budget In Order To Travel Full Time

Jen and Chloe each picked 3 out of 25 ways to consider money when traveling full time listed by the Travel in this article

What Jill + Chloe have to say:

You will be surprised to discover that traveling full-time can sometimes be cheaper than living at home–depending on where you will go. Chloe is not a gatekeeper; she shares her favorite app, “TrustedHousesitters,” where you can look for places to house sit and save a hefty amount of money from the accommodation. Slow travel will also allow you to soak in the city’s vibe as you will get to explore, learn, and live like a local. 

Thinking creatively about how you can get the things you want within your own means will be excellent. Jill suggests finding work that allows you to travel, almost like living the best of both worlds. Try to look for inexpensive flights! Jill uses an incognito window when she browses through the available flights. Chloe uses Skyscanner to know the right time to buy a plane ticket. Figure out what you really care about and look back at your values when making decisions.

What's something you’re willing to splurge on when you travel?

Chloe believes she is a homebody, even when she’s traveling that she’s willing to spend significant money on her accommodation (but not an unreasonable amount). Jill relates as she is also ready to spend an extra 50% on her food at the airport to keep from needing to bring packed food. 

Bill of The Week

Thank you Jessica for sharing your bill about valuing and prioritizing your clothing subscription!

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