Regaining Motivation When You Don’t Feel Like Caring About Money – EP 282

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Motivation is elusive yet a sought-after feeling for most of us. Stop blaming yourself when you feel your motivation has depleted, that’s completely normal! This episode is all about working with our psychology (not against it) and figuring out how we can get back in control of our emotions so we can start making progress toward our financial goals.

The solution to motivation is just action.


  • Caring less. When we feel like we should care more, it’s important to remember that there’s always room to care less. Remembering both ends of that spectrum can show us we’ve truly struck the balance. Caring less, the only alternative to not being able to care more. BUT if you do find yourself caring more, specifically about money goals, debt payoffs, and gaining some motivation check out our new Debt Free Stories video series on YouTube! We’ve got all the goody goodness you need to care less about all the other distractions on social media. Catch all our episodes on!

Unmotivated: 5 Reasons Why You're Feeling this Way

It’s important to dig into why you feel unmotivated and this article by Matter helps us figure out how these thoughts and feelings are made and how we should move through some of these to regain focus and accomplish our tasks toward our goals. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen wishes for us to throw away the unhelpful thoughts we have–having a negative outlook on life. All of it starts in our brain which has such a profound and powerful impact on how we act. When you get started on something and you’re focusing on systems and strategies, you can accomplish more in 10 years than you have ever dreamed. Do not cage yourself with unrealistic goals. 

It’s easy for us to forget the long-term benefits of the tasks we do and Jill reassures us that this happens to all of us. When we feel like ‘we’re running out of time’, it’s easy to feel demotivated as time is our only limited resource. Try reminding yourself of where these tasks you’re supposed to do will take you after. 

How the Pandemic Killed Your Motivation, and 6 Simple Ways to Get It Back, According to Science

This article from CNBC surely hit a nail when we first read it but this is where we get down with strategies, systems, and movement in regaining motivation.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

When you feel a deficit in the three key areas of life (your autonomy, competence, and relationships), motivation tends to fall. Jill shares how we have strong associations with cues in our environment which can trigger certain behavior, hence, we can try setting up routine cues. In line with this, it’s also important to know our triggers. Let’s not forget to make room for moments of positivity. 

Jen introduces us to “habit stacking” wherein you stack another habit onto another habit that eventually creates a row of habits that you can consider a ritual. We can also think of rewarding ourselves (not a long-term solution) because yourself should still be your top priority. Don’t be too hard on yourself as motivation can ebb and flow. 

Our personal trick for when we’re feeling unmotivated

Jen has been feeling unmotivated (and pregnant) lately, so when she needs to do something, she just stands up and whatever happens next will be better than what she was just doing.

This isn’t the first time for Jill and chewing gum has been her personal trick that got her through college in order to shake the feeling off. 

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