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Surprisingly, not a lot of people know how to run. Some think runners break their toenails when they join a marathon, or worse, urinate in the middle of it! Tighten up your shoelaces; we’re going for a run with Martinus Evans as he shares his journey in running, his goal of making it an accessible sport and fitness for everyone, and ways to spend less on your equipment.

Not everything you feel is real and not everything you think about yourself is true.


  • Overpriced 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, and marathons. You spend money on buying equipment, outfits, and other stuff for your running, eventually finding yourself signing up for overpriced 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, and marathons. If you truly value it, spend money on it. BUT if you don’t know what you value yet, then sign up for The Friendletter ( and we will send you an email 3x a week, FREE activities, fun, and maybe free running clubs. Sign up for The Friendletter and make your inboxes a safe space. 

Martinus Evans has run over eight marathons since his doctor told him to “lose weight or die” in July 2012. Since then, he’s also coached hundreds of runners and founded the Slow AF Run Club, a community of over 20,000 members worldwide. He is also the author of the book Slow AF Run Club: The ultimate guide for anybody who wants to run.  When he’s not running races around the world, he enjoys speaking passionately about issues related to size-inclusivity, mindset, DEI and mental health.

The Beginning Towards a Journey of Believing Oneself

Martinus is the founder of the Slow AF Run Club, which is a community with 25,000 members worldwide today in which everyone shares the same goal of just running in the body that you have today. His overall goal and mission for the club is to provide accessibility to the sport of running, especially for runners who may have never been active in their earlier days. Martinus started 10 years ago after he went to see a doctor for a hip issue because he had a job requiring him to be at his feet for 10 hours a day. The doctor told him to either lose weight or die. Martinus left the office to buy a pair of running shoes and told himself, “Let’s see if I’ll die”. 

It’s Not a Race, It’s a Parade!

Martinus fell off the treadmill on his first run, in front of the whole fitness center in his apartment complex. He bumped, shuffled, and got bruised along this journey. He learned along the way that the available information about running is not necessarily made for slower individuals or non-traditional runners, so he told himself that he would abide by the rules he made for himself. Most races are permitted as a parade; there is no such thing as a “race permit.” Running a race at a certain speed does not make you morally superior to somebody else. Do it without necessarily doing it the way everybody else thinks you need to do it.

Is Running a Frugal Fitness Activity?

It’s a trick question, says Martinus. If you want to run, then run today with the stuff you have. Everybody has a pair of sneakers, regardless of whether they’re new or beaten up, it will do for now. Eventually, you will have to get running shoes; it’s probably going to be the most expensive thing you’re going to need to buy. There’s also the running gear (i.e., shorts, bras), accessories (i.e., water bottles, apps), and traveling (marathons)—it’s a gateway drug to spending more money. 

Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast

It starts with you: your mindset, thoughts, and feelings about running, yourself, and what other people say about you— it’s all a big battle against yourself. Martinus has an inner critique or persona he calls Odas; whenever a limiting belief or thought comes up, he tells Odas that it isn’t true and he is better than that. Most people get injured by what he calls “terrible tools.” They do something too much, too soon, or too fast. It could be they run too much, run longer too soon, do it too fast, or do all three together. Understand your body and what it takes.

What's the longest distance you've ever run and what is your next goal?

  • Martinus: Has done a marathon, and his next race in 2 weeks will be a 5K race.
  • Jill: Not a runner, but has always been curious about it, and her longest is around 3-5 miles. 
  • Jen: Jen has done a half marathon and she’s doing another one in November in Disneyland.  

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