Frugal Fitness with Amanda Walker from Feel Amazing Naked | The Best Ways to Workout For Free! – EP 38

Today we’ve got Amanda Walker from the “Feel Amazing Naked” podcast. Amanda is a health and fitness coach who is also passionate about budgeting and paying off debt! We thoroughly enjoyed asking Amanda all the questions and getting inspired to leave behind our lame excuses for not taking care of our bodies! Amanda has so many great tips and an amazing perspective – we’re confident you will enjoy her as much as we did!


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Notable Notes:
We asked Amanda all about her journey (which includes debt pay-off!) and her tips for staying in shape on a budget.

  • Amanda – tell us about your story, how did you get to this point of coaching others towards a healthy lifestyle?
  • Where will we get the most bang for our buck with at home workouts? How can we create our own workouts without equipment or gym memberships?
  • For people like us who hate working out alone do we have low cost options?
  • Can you recommend any apps, youtube channels, or podcasts if we want more?
  • 30 days of fitness –
  • Feel Amazing Naked podcast
  • Nike training fitness app
  • Pinterest

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More Questions:
We wanted to pick Amanda’s brain on healthy eating

  • How can we eat real food on a budget?
  • What are some mindset tips for sticking with all this?

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As always, thank you for hanging out with us. We wish you a happy, healthy, and frugal new year. See you next week!

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