Getting Into + Paying Off Over $27K of Credit Card Debt w/ Chris Browning of Popcorn Finance – ep 65

This one is a long time in the making, but we are delighted to have Chris Browning from the Popcorn Finance podcast on the show! Chris has a lot of great insight when it comes to personal finance and becoming debt free, and we admire him even more for sharing with us how he and his wife paid off $27K of credit card debt! We talk a lot about paying off student loan debt on the show, so we’re excited to bring some hope to our fellow frugal friends who are facing this sort of debt and provide hope for freedom through hearing Chris’ story!


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Notable Notes:

We’re thrilled to hear more about Chris Browning’s debt freedom story and got to ask him all the questions about his journey!

  • How did you accumulate $27K in credit card debt?
  • When did you realize you had a debt problem?
  • How did you go about paying it off, especially living in a high cost of living city like Long Beach?
  • How do you and your wife handle finances now?

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks again Chris for sharing your millionth bill of the week with us! You’re a all-star!

Lightning Round

  • Why Popcorn?
  • Favorite guest you’ve had on your show (besides Allison ;))
  • What is your most frugal quality?
  • What do you have going on and where can listeners go to find more about you and Popcorn Finance?

Frugal Friends Book Club:

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