Is Hygge The New Frugal? – EP 277

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Coziness to us always meant the winter season, a fluffy blanket, and a warm cup of coffee. But the concept of Hygge begs to differ. We’re happy to wrap and warm you up in this most requested episode about ‘Hygge’, what it means, putting it into practice and how this aligns with frugality and financial independence. 

Just recognizing seasons in our life and trying to live into the best that they have to offer.


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Characteristics of Hygge That Align With Financial Independence

This article by Agape Investing hosts tangible advice that runs a whole deeper meaning of Hygge. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Hygge is much more than just being cozy, it is a way of life. Jill states that Hygge, financial independence, and frugality are not always all the same but certainly, it talks about the ways in which practicing this Hygge can help with financial goals, financial independence, and having a frugal lifestyle. It helps one to focus on their relationships and be casual with their approach in life. 


While Jen describes hygge as all about enjoying the simple things in life as this concept seeks advantage over what we already have. It teaches us to be mindful and makes us feel safe, secure, and unstressed by life’s demands. Certainly, effort DOES need to be made to attain Hygge (and financial goals/independence). 

9 Frugal Ways to Bring Hygge Into Your Home

When we talk about cool and aesthetically pleasing concepts such as minimalism and sustainability, we are often let down by how expensive and attainable they can be. This article by the lady prefers 2 save brings us ways on how we can begin to bring Hygge into our home. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

“Live life today like there is no coffee tomorrow”, a quote from the author ofThe Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well” really impressed Jen that she wants to live this way. Additionally, she deeply resonates on making your house a home as the more your house feels like a home, you’re gonna want to spend more time there. Remember to buy things with purpose or just save for greater quality things and you’ll spend less in the future. 

As we’re accustomed to rushing everything in life, Jill wants us to learn to linger–not rush on to the next thing. Learning to linger does not only value what’s right in front of us but it also gives us some space to think and be in the moment–cultivating mindfulness and intentionality. In a Hygge home, experiences are shared; coziness is knowing your opinion, customs, beliefs, and traditions can be safely shared. 

How we're currently making life more "cozy"

Nothing fancy or grandeur for our Frugal Friends as Jill makes her life cozy through the simple things! Drinking coffee each morning, having Eric and her cheer with everything they drink, lingering outside with her neighbors, and stopping to notice tiny flowers.

And just like Jill, Jen also loves her morning coffee in the mug, finishing her candles, lamp lighting, and putting on a chill hop station (jazz or lo-fi music) on YouTube. 

Bill of The Week

Thank you our frugal friend from West Michigan for sharing your bill about your groceries and prepping freezer meals!

Thanks so Much for Listening!

Thanks so much for listening! Many of you know we have a private community where we do monthly money challenges and offer accountability groups. We want to congratulate one of our members for a big win:

Paid off (again)

Hey! I just wanted to share that I paid off my Target card again. I let a balance sit on it for two months but I cut up the card, paid it off, and closed the account. Woo hoo!

Congrats! Thanks for listening and if you want to check out our monthly challenge community head to to see what challenge we have coming up next.

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