Money Myths That Are Holding You Back w/ Rob Berger – Ep 77

There’s all kinds of things we tell ourselves about money and our financial situations, but not all of them are true! We’re thrilled to have Rob Berger on the show, author of “Retire Before Mom and Dad” to dispell some common myths about money, break down the barriers between us+our goals, and set our perspectives right!


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Notable Notes:

We got a change to chat with Rob all about the money myths he notices, the truth about achieving financial goals, and some encouragement to us all along the way!

  • Lie #1: Financial Freedom Requires a BIG Salary
  • Lie #2: Financial Freedom Takes 40 Years (or Longer) to Achieve
  • Lie #3: Happiness is Expensive
  • Lie #4: Investing is Complicated
  • Lie #5: Debt is a Fact of Life

BILL OF THE WEEK –  Thanks Rob for sharing about your bill you’ve been paying for 10 years with no regrets! Gotta love that gym membership.

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Lightning Round

  • What’s the first step to reshaping how we think about financial freedom?
    • Prepare a balance sheet – everything you own and debt you owe. Track this + update 1x/year. 
  • Where can people learn more about you?

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See you next week!

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