Ask Us Anything LIVE from #FinCon19 – EP 76

We took the opportunity to record at FinCon 2019 in D.C. and answered all of your most pressing questions! Our frugal friends community asked some great questions, and while Jen encouraged people to ‘get weird’ you all kept it classy and we appreciate that 🙂

We enjoyed answering questions from our Frugal Friends Community Group on Facebook. Here are some of the questions we answered:

  • Jennifer: What’s your ‘why’ behind being frugal
  • Devin: Why y’all so cute?
  • Melissa: Do you breakup with a hairstylist, photographer, etc., for the sake of frugality? 
  • Yolanda: What is something you consciously pay “more” for, and why?
  • Virginia: How do you find the balance that works for you between paying off debt and enjoying life at the same time?
  • Sarah: How do you deal with the “mental” part of being frugal/getting out of debt when things get tough or seem impossible?
  • Kathryn: How to not get too obsessed with finances?
  • Lauren: Do you have your favorite #dfcommunity people who you recommend others to follow and use as inspiration/advice?
  • Jocelyn: Most embarrassing un-frugal things or services you are willing to pay for that you are slightly afraid to admit publicly on a frugal podcast!?
  • Sarah: What are your best tips for avoiding feelings of deprivation while getting out of debt?
  • Amarilys: What was your favorite least expensive place to travel? Or type of travel (i.e. Cruise vs road trip)?

THANKS everyone for your amazing questions! You all made us think a little harder about this frugal life we have chosen!

See you next week!

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