How to Buy Happiness – Ep 114

Some say money can’t buy happiness, but what if it can? Today we’re talking ‘happy money principles’ and ways to align your dollars with your values and use money as a resource to experience greater intentionality with your spending.


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  • Chewing Gum: it’s what makes me happy and it’s what repels cavities. Chewing gum, it’s a win-win.

Notable Notes:

What the Internet has to say:

This article from Forbes provides us with 5 principles of happy money

What Jen + Jill have to say:

  • 1. Buy experiences- “research shows that material things turn out to provide less happiness than experiential purchases.”
  • 2. Make it a treat- “When something is always available people are less inclined to appreciate it. Look for ways to turn your favorite things into a treat again. This may mean cutting back on them for a while.” #absencemakestheheartgrowfonder
  • 3. Buy time- “outsource your dreaded tasks in order to have more time to follow your passions. If money is an issue, consider outsourcing things like cleaning the house so you can work more and earn more money to pay for the house being cleaned.”
  • 4. Pay now, consume later- “By paying up front and delaying consumption, you can buy more happiness even as you spend less money. Because delaying consumption allows spenders to reap the pleasures of anticipation without the buzzkill of reality, vacations provide the most happiness before they occur.”
    • Provides something to look forward #hope
  • 5. Invest in others- “Research has shown that spending money on others provides a bigger happiness boost than spending money on yourself.”

More from the Internet

This article from INC provides us with some top tips for ‘happy spending’

More from Jen + Jill

  • 1. Spend it on extra time- hire a housekeeper, virtual assistant, splurge for grocery delivery
  • 2. Spend it on a great experience- just because physical things last longer doesn’t mean they bring happiness for a longer period of time. When creating your budget, prioritize at least 1 experience each month.
  • 3. Spend it with someone you care about
  • 4. Spend it on someone else – ’tis better to give than to receive

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks Olivia for sharing about your $2 bill that you used to FILL UP the gas tank on your scooter!

Lightning Round 

One change you’ve made to spend happier and one change you’re going to make.

  • Jen- Daycare. I had to relinquish guilt that I could do it all and spend money to make me happier.
  • Jill- gifts for others: this is something I refuse to feel guilty about and know it’s money well spent and places value on others
  • Jen- Increase giving. I want to give to more organizations doing work I think is necessary but more so I want to give to more people in my community. We need to feel connected right now and I may not have a big income compared to some people but it’s big compared to others so I want to use what I have been blessed with to encourage others.
  • Jill- ordering out/higher food budget – grace on myself in this area and recognizing my season of life AND that this is where I enjoy spending


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