Defining Contentment’s Role in Our Lives & Finances

Hello, hello! 

Recently, I (Kim) had an epic fail moment à la tripping over nothing on concrete. 

Three x-rays, two confused dogs, & one torn ligament later, and I’m home with a new pile of medical bills to take care of. (I’m fine, BTW). 

But much like the penguin in the gif above, I can’t help but feel like I’m taking steps backward with my finances when I should be moving forward.

Have you ever experienced something similar?

If so, know that you aren’t alone.

Feelings of dissatisfaction or even envy can be what drives us to believe a vacation, new gadgets or more money is what we need to be fulfilled.

Whether you’re comparing yourself with where you thought you would be, or with what other people have; comparison of any sort ultimately leads to discontentment.

Stepping away from the trap of comparison & jealousy isn’t easy, but it is doable.

And when we’re able to find contentment in our circumstances, we ultimately make better spending decisions as a result.

How To Find Contentment In Your Current Position 💕

Contentment looks different for everyone. 

For you, it could be a slow life with hot drinks & silence in the morning.

For others, it could be a checking account that doesn’t dip below $500.

But to achieve contentment, we need to break down the actions to take to get there and what these steps look like in our individual lives.

  1. Recognize that “more” or “different” is not always better. Financial milestones like paying off debt or retiring early are exciting & worth celebrating, but they aren’t what makes us happy. Remember that these are goals to be achieved & celebrated, not the basis for living a meaningful life. If you’re struggling with debt or building an emergency savings, don’t let it stop you from finding contentment in day-to-day life.

  2. Appreciate what we have. It’s so easy to think about what we don’t have – a reliable car, the money for a trip abroad, or a genius investment strategy – that we don’t stop to think about what we do have. I, myself, am guilty of this. Recently, I heard a friend talking about her vacation in South America and I found that I was so jealous because I’ve never left the country. I was so involved with my feelings, it almost ruined my afternoon! However, I stopped and reminded myself that the money I could’ve used for a trip is going to a beautiful new apartment, and right now, having a place with air conditioning for the entire summer is worth more to me than a three day vacay! Practice gratitude as often as you can.

  3. Look inward. Coming to terms with our own quirks, personalities, & self-images isn’t an easy task, but it is a necessary one. What would life be like if you weren’t so busy fighting with yourself? What if you embraced your accomplishments & felt satisfaction with your journey rather than downplaying your roles? How much happier would you be if so much of your time wasn’t spent wishing you lived a different life. I’m not saying not to move forward or to continue to improve yourself—of course we encourage that! What we’re saying is that the season we’re in might be difficult, but there’s beauty to it, and it’s time to acknowledge that.

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Kim’s picks for a stellar weekend.

 Listen: Elizabeth Gilbert’s beautiful TedTalk on finding contentment within your creativity & opening ourselves up to inspiration.

 Watch: Last month, we were all SHOOK from Bridgerton part one. Start your watch party because part two comes out in just a few days

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Enjoy your weekend,

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