🆓 Cyber Monday Freebies

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Calculator Watches ⌚

Hey frands! 

Happy Monday and happy cyber-stuff!

Between wrapping up Thanksgiving and being catapulted into the shopping season, we know there’s a lot going on!

There are tons of people, organizations and businesses vying for your money. 💸 

So in an effort to give you a different experience and bring some tension to that spendy voice, we’re giving you the lowdown on some free food this week.

FREE Coffee Tuesdays at Wawa. Soooo not exactly a cyber Monday deal (you got me!) but still a good one and runs through December 26th! Just sign up for their rewards program and scan to redeem.

🥤 FREE Milkshake at Steak ‘n Shake when you download their app.

🍔 Get a FREE slider combo at White Castle when you sign up for Craver Nation in the White Castle app.

AND those gift card promos are still going strong! Here’s some more to add to the list since last week: Chili’s 🌶️ (Buy $50, Get $10), Carvel 🍦 (Buy $25, Get $5), Red Lobster 🦞 (Buy $50, Get $10)

👴🏻 Bill When He’s Age 70 👴🏻

He’s retired and ‘work-optional’. Living his dream; riding bicycles 🚲, gardening 🌱, and getting deep into bird watching 🔭. He invested simply and wisely with a 401(k) and Roth IRA giving him the cash he needs to live a good retirement. Thankfully this is the life Bill gets to have when he’s 70 because he never forgot about his old 401(k)s from previous jobs, he always made sure to roll them over and invest them in an IRA.

If you want to be like Bill in your 70’s then don’t leave any investment money on the table! Take advantage of Capitalize; they find any previous/old 401(k)’s for you and help you to roll them over into an IRA of your choice, for FREE! 

This Friendletter is Brought to you by:
Calculator Watches ⌚

Need to tell time but ALSO have a lot of math problems to do?

Thanks to the calculator watch you never have to be too far from answering your hardest number questions or knowing the time! Not to mention the calculator watch makes you look cool AND smart.

While you’re making math happen on your wrist, you can also be cool, smart and efficient by taking advantage of CookSmarts biggest sale of the year! Now through November 29th, new members get 40% off every CookSmarts plan with code: GIVETHX2023. 

We LOVE the meal plans at Cook Smarts and the convenience of having this step done for us! One less barrier to eating at home more! **

Until next time,

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