🧰 January Budget Tool Kit

Hi friends!

We’ve got a lot coming at you in this one, BUT we will also be hand-holding journeying with you this January!

That’s right, in addition to giving you this budget toolkit, both Jen and I will be participating in a No-spend January and we invite YOU to join us!

In order to do the challenge well, we need to review the upcoming month and plan for how we will spend and save.

Here’s a few pointers 💡 to get you started:

📝 What to Include in January’s Spending Plan 📝

Here’s a few items of spending that are unique to this time of year:

🔧 Increased utility costs. It’s getting colder outside which means increased heating/electrical costs for many!

🧾 Taxes. This could mean any softwares you utilize, professional fees, or taxes owed.

🪪 Fitness memberships. If you already belong to a gym and your membership is renewing, keep this in mind. If you do NOT already go to a gym, think twice before making this new year’s purchase (possibly even waiting until February to be sure you will utilize it!)

📃 Annual car registrations/bills. Depending on the state you live in, these often renew in January.

📱Your phone bill. We know this is an every month expense, BUT now is a great time to re-evaluate your phone plan and get the best possible deal to cut your bill for the rest of 2024.

We’re liking Mint Mobile (an MVNO) for their plans that start at $15/mo and allow you to utilize your same phone. Check out Mint and see if it’s right for you.

📢 What’s on Sale? 📢

  • 🧥 Winter Clothing (but not snow gear, this is better to get in March. If you can wait until then!)

  • 🫔 Linens, pillows and blankets at home decor stores

  • 🪑 Carpet, rugs, and furniture

  • 🚲 Bikes

  • 💄 Beauty products/skincare

Reminder: Just because these items are on sale does not mean you should buy them.

We offer this list so we can stay informed and make the best possible purchase decisions based on what we already know we plan to buy.

If you don’t need any of these items, perfect! We can move right along 🙂

💸 January’s Big Money Move 💸 

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👩🏻‍🍳 What to Cook 👩🏻‍🍳

🥔 Patatas Bravas because it’s tasty. Also because it’s easy. And finally because with a fried egg on top, you can call it a meal!

🧀 Persimmon, Prosciutto, and Brie Grilled Cheese because who doesn’t want to elevate a childhood staple!

🥬 Cabbage Pancakes because cabbage is in season. And because you’ve probably never made these before.

On Tuesday, we released our Frugal Friends Book Club: 4 Books to Read in 2024 (EP 366). We used our tried and true ‘scientific method’ to pick each of the 4 books. Listen in to hear the synopsis of each and why we picked them!

Today we reviewed the Best Budgeting Tips for 2024 (EP 367). This one isn’t your average cookie-cutter advice. Instead we dug deep to give you what we think will be the most practical, helpful things to focus on in 2024.

Tune in wherever you get podcasts and let us know what you thought of the episode over on our latest Instagram post!

Catch ya later,

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