It’s finally Friday, Friends! 

It’s the last Friday in March, which means it’s time to talk about our April budgets. 🎉

Have you heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”?

It’s one of my favorites, and not just for the obvious warning about bringing an umbrella to work for the rest of the spring.

It’s because at the core of the statement, the adage means that to experience temporary hardship helps life blossom into something full of love & joy. 

I believe that this can be a great analogy for our budgets.

Where can we cut back so that we might pay off debt?

How often might we eat at home rather than go out so we can reach a savings goal? 

This month, we’ve got you covered for what to include in your spending plan.

And the best time to do it?

On one of those rainy days coming up!

What to Include in April’s Spending Plan 📝

  • 🐰 Easter. This holiday might be on March 31 this year, but it’s still a good idea to work this holiday into the spending plan. Gas, food, and Easter eggs can add up $$ quickly, and not everyone celebrates on the holiday. 

  • 🧾 Tax time. Tax day (April 15) is coming up soon. Write a category into your budget for tax preparation & anything you may owe. Bonus points: DIY tax software goes on sale this month, but if you have a standard return, consider filing for free on the IRS website

  • 🏷️ Garage sales. With spring cleaning comes garage sales! Put this category into your budget and make sure to celebrate the frugal wins along the way. 

  • 🧥 Seasonal clothing. In Minnesota this is the time of year where you need a winter coat in the morning & a sweatshirt in the afternoon. Double check your spring wardrobe and see if there’s anything that needs repaired or replaced.

  • Realized you need to upgrade for spring? Add the Beni extension onto your web browser. Beni searches top secondhand websites for clothing items comparable to what you need. Save time, money, & help the environment by shopping secondhand? Count me in! **

What’s on Sale in April? 📢

  • 🪖 Bike Helmets. I love biking, and once I got into an accident while riding in rain for a race. My helmet quite literally saved me. Most of us don’t think about helmets as something that degrades, but according to multiple safety websites, they need to be replaced around every 5 years. Get ahead of the curve and purchase a new bike helmet while they’re on sale this month! Bonus: Some cities have safety initiatives that offer free helmets for children. St. Louis is a great example of this. Check with your local police department or city council to see if you can get your kiddo a helmet for free!  

  • 🚜 Outdoor Equipment. It’s finally time to get outside and enjoy the air! Consider purchasing on-sale items such as new grills and lawn mowers before the summertime craze hits. 

  • 🚿 Pressure Washers. Spring & summer are the most popular times to sell a house. If you plan to sell your house this year (or you want a squeaky clean home), consider purchasing a pressure washer while they’re on sale to save some serious dough. 

  • 🔌 Vacuums. In last month’s budget tool kit, Misti recommended buying a new vacuum! After taking a peek at consumer reports, it looks like the vacuum sales are rolling into April. If you were on the fence last month or have extra $$$ from tax time, consider purchasing a new vacuum for spring cleaning success!

April’s Big Money Move 💸

Bi-Annual Subscription Negotiation Marathon 

April’s big move is to call up your providers and negotiate your subscriptions!! Que up How to Negotiate & Save Lots of Money (Ep. 339) for some great tips.

Another great episode to listen to is Negotiating Medical Debt with Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington (Ep. 230). After getting smacked with a shocking medical bill this week, I know I’ll be using the tools Dr. Ellington provides!

Bills to Negotiate: 

1. Monthly subscriptions
2. Medical bills
3. Cell phone bill
4. Internet bill
5. Housing costs

Bonus Tip: Switching providers can be a serious way to save cash. Right now, Mint Mobile is offering unlimited talk, text, & 5G network access starting at $15/a month. Plus, you can keep your phone AND your contacts 😍 **

What to Cook 👩‍🍳

  • 🌱 Baked Asparagus with Parmesan. Pick your own asparagus & then transform into something delicious in this 20 minute recipe. 

  • 🥧 Desert on the brain? Check out this rhubarb crumble that uses in season rhubarb to make a mouth-watering crisp. 

  • 🦐 Shrimp with snow peas levels up the stir fry game & uses in season vegetables to keep the costs low. Add a few carrots to the fry for added color and nutrition!

On Tuesday we listened to Living a Low Tox Life Frugally with Alexx Stuart (Ep 392). This episode focused on how to decrease chemical use around the household in a cost-effective way!

Retirement is a big thing to think about, and for those of you feeling overwhelmed, we crunched the numbers for you. Check out How Much to Have Saved for Retirement at 30, 40, & 50 (Ep 393) for a great conversation about target amounts & savings goals.

Tune in wherever you get podcasts and let us know what you thought of the episode over on our latest Instagram post!

Catch ya later,

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