💡 3 Ways To Make Money During No-Spend January

Hey there, NSC Companions! 

The month isn’t over yet so we’ve got some more tips and tricks for you to get through these next 7 days (and beyond!).

We’ve learned that one of the best ways to NOT spend money is to spend time making money.

Here’s are our top 3 ways to make some extra cash (quickly!):

  1. Pet sitting. 🐶🐱 Many people have pets, but not everyone has friends and family willing to watch those pets for free! Enter YOU offering your extra time (and maybe space) for a fury friend. Jen’s old neighbors make $1k per month doing this! You can get started through Rover or Wag.

  2. Declutter and sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace. 🏷️ This is what we like to call a double whammy. You get to free up physical and mental space by clearing out your home AND you make some extra cash! 💰 I (Jill) just sold some old curtains on FB marketplace literally while writing this email. I’m a big fan of porch pick ups.

  3. Deliver food 🥡 or groceries 🛒 through InstaCart or DoorDash. We like this one because it doesn’t involve transporting strangers. Just their food.

BONUS for renters: there’s finally a credit card you can use to pay your rent AND earn travel rewards points. Bilt Mastercard® allows you to earn up to 100,000 points in a calendar year; which is kinda like earning extra cash in the form of less expensive travel. **

Until next time,

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