💵 What Life Seasons Have To Do With Your Money

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Hi friends!

Have you ever been scrolling social media and seen people boasting about:

  • their huge debt payoff in a short amount of time ⏳?

  • or how wealthy they’re becoming off their investments because they started so young 😎? 

  • or the one’s sharing their 5-figure incomes per month 💰? 

And thought… what’s wrong with me that this is not my experience?

Personally, I (Jill) have felt like there must be something I’m missing, or not doing right since it took me 7 years to pay off $60k of debt, and I’ve never seen a 5-figure month.

But in reality, I’m coming to learn that not only is everyone’s story different, but also our life season has a big impact on how we are able to leverage our finances.

Similar to looking outside and spotting the signs of Fall by the changing leaves 🍂, or Winter by fallen snow ❄️, or Spring by budding flowers 🌷, or Summer with blazing hot hot heat radiating from the asphalt ☀️; we can be mindful of the signs related to our life circumstances. 

For most of us, the concept of season is not new, but before we let quips like “I’m entering a new season” or “it’s just a season” become tiresome, I think it’s important to recognize the benefits of this metaphor. 

It’s important to acknowledge that we are not static creatures, but rather dynamic, in all the beautiful and chaotic ways! We are both being impacted and impacting constantly, every day, multiple times a day.

In the same way it would be silly to walk outside in the middle of August with a hat, scarf, boots, and parka on, there are financial decisions that would be silly to make unless the realities of life are taken into consideration. 

With this mind, we can consider some of the following alongside the daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly money moves we’re making:

  • How would I define my current life season? (i.e. living situation, family make-up, career endeavors, life stage, environment, current impactful circumstances, etc.)

  • What are the most important ways I can be using my money right now?

  • How can my money be a helpful resource to me in this current season?

  • How can I leverage my money best now for whatever my next season might hold?

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 Do this: Dig deeper in understanding your life seasons by making a timeline. You can use this article as a helpful prompt. 

 Meal plan this: Skillet Sour Cream & Onion Chicken. It’s easy, low mess, and minimal ingredients. And if you don’t have sherry you can sub chicken broth w/a splash or lemon juice OR apple cider vinegar. 💪

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They are known for having the most substantial migration, with herds of over 1 million roaming hundreds of miles across 2 countries during the dry season.

And while none of us are part of the wildebeest pack, we do have permission to make our life journeys and personal migration patterns look how we want!

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