Saying “Yes” to Prioritizing Yourself

Good morning & happy Frugal Friday! 

We’re three months into the new year and I (Kim) am trying not to panic over the amount of commitments I’ve already made for 2024!

Anyone else? 🙋‍♀️

From vet appointments for my furbaby to birthday parties and work events, it seems like every weekend is slammed and there’s an endless stream of PTO going out the window!

However, my 2024 ✨new year, new me ✨ vibes are still going strong, and I’m doing my best to prioritize my finances, my family, and my sanity.

You might be sitting there thinking one of two things: 

  • Rock on, sista! 🤘

  • This chick is cray-cray 🤪

Because how do you say yes to yourself when it means saying no to others? 

What if you’re a busy mom of three with a thousand commitments a week? What if you’re a high-powered executive and there’s endless meetings? Where do you schedule time in, and when is the optimal moment to set a new boundary? 🧐

I see you and I hear you on this one. 

Sometimes, creating space for ourselves takes intentionality, focus, and a heck of a lot of hard work. Much like cooking, dancing, or exercising, it’s a skill that takes time and practice to develop.

Below, I share a few ways that I’m working on this.

1. By reminding myself and others that I am saying yes to another commitment.

Rephrasing “No, I can’t go out tonight, I’m saving for a new car” to “Thank you for the invite, but I’m really excited about my savings goal. Raincheck?” adds a positive spin and doesn’t exclude the chance of saying yes to other engagements in the future.

Win-win for both parties, IMO. 💅🏻

2. Remaining firm and envisioning what my future will look like.

We all have things that we’re excited for in life. Whether it’s a dream vacation, the wedding of a lifetime, or those Louis Vuitton pumps you’re dying to own one day, choosing to remain firm and anchor yourself in that vision will help you stay strong and aligned with your values. 🙌

Practicing the skill of saying no might be difficult – but it’s doable when coupled with the image of what the great things our future can hold. 

On Tuesday we talked about How to Save Your First $100k (Ep 384) and let me tell you, this is not one to miss! 

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