What is Values Based Spending & How Do You Practice it? – EP 322

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Which is more realistic: unicorns or a budgeting philosophy that’s tailored to your values? Clearly, it’s the values-based budgeting approach. In this episode, we guide you through identifying your core values, evaluating your spending habits, trimming what doesn’t align, and how you can start living the life you want RIGHT NOW. Join Jen and Jill as frugality meets purpose in this episode.

Core values don’t really shift throughout our lifetime. The way that we walk them out, or the way that they look might shift, but the peripheral values attached to them could not shift.


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Values-Based Budgeting: Aligning Your Money with Your Goals

Clobare’s article on value-based budgeting and in-depth pointers is a definitive guide on how we can start budgeting around our values!

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen says values-based budgeting goes hand in hand with value-based spending, but the budget aspect makes it much easier for you to joyfully follow it because it brings you closer to what you care about – your core values.

Jill considers these core values, usually in 2-3 aspects focusing on how you interact with yourself and the people around you, to help prevent impulse purchases, as it already considers the things you want to spend money on. And the most fun part? It allows you to live the life you want immediately.

How to Save Money with Value Based Spending

Discover how to have the perfect balance between value-based budgeting and spending in this article from Eat, Drink, and Save Money.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jill believes that the first step is to figure out what you value. This can be friendship, the environment, health, or time (maybe even all four!). Family doesn’t have to be a core value if it’s not yours – there’s no reason to feel bad about that!

Take a look at your spending and evaluate essential expenses, Jen adds to Jill’s advice. Consider where you can cut back on what you don’t value and put it where you do. Use the money found to go towards high-value categories.

Jill’s final advice: The things you don’t value are just as important as the things you do. The things we hate usually indicate where our passions lie, so list down what you know you don’t want to spend on.

Our core values and how we budget for and save on them

Jen values achievements, businesses, family, and health. She spends on daycare, friends, and community; she loves having people over a lot.

Meanwhile, Jill values generosity, health, time, and beauty. She loves enjoying good food, hosting people, and Vitamix, baby! For Jill, convenience is always worth the price she pays.

Bill of The Week

Thank you Savannah for sharing your bill about going to Target, not spending money, AND getting a free drink from Starbucks!

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