The 411 on Home Security

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Through pet sitting and house-sitting for over a year now, I (Misti) have noticed lots of different home security systems.

From Ring doorbell cams to the nosey, self-appointed neighborhood watch man. 😅 

Living the solo nomad life, I’ve come to value these various layers of protection.

For today’s spending deep dive, I’m sharing all you need to know on what to look for in home security!

And because Amazon Prime Day is coming up next week (July 16-17), I also made a list of some great options you can order on Amazon! **

🛡️ The 411 on Home Security 

For simplicity, there are two key considerations when selecting a home security system:

  1. Whether you want to install your own system or pay someone to do it for you and;

  2. If you want to self-monitor your system or have it professionally monitored. 

If you’re more of a DIYer, self-installed home security systems may be a great option for you. With this approach, it’s easier to customize your system features (e.g., cameras, sirens, glass break sensors, motion detectors, panic buttons). However, this can be time intensive, and many require self-monitoring through an app. Some do offer optional professional monitoring referred to as “on-demand” monitoring that you can pay a monthly fee for.

Professionally installed home security systems are installed by a technician and come with 24/7 professional monitoring services. This professional monitoring can offer peace of mind, as trained dispatchers will alert the authorities in case of an incident, but most companies require you to enter a multi-year contract with recurring costs. BUT this could be the way to go if your homeowners insurance offers a discount for security systems that are monitored!

As you make these choices, think about where you want to monitor in your home—just the front door? Outside? Inside? Windows?—and your budget.

I would recommend saving specifically for these costs if you’re trying to upgrade your home security. Set a savings goal and use a great High Yield Savings Account (HYSA) like CIT Bank, which is offering a 4.65% APY right now! **

💡 One last note

Be sure to check with your local municipality to see if you need a permit for your alarm and if there are any registration fees. Just Google “[City name] alarm permit.”

Catch you on Friday,

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