Staycations Revisited – EP 414

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Why travel far when you can enjoy the gorgeous places nearby? It’s convenient and budget-friendly! Grab a pen and paper, because in this episode, Jen and Jill revisit staycation ideas for your summer, sparking creativity in frugality.

Frugality incites creativity so that we can get the things we value at a lower cost or at no cost.


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How to Plan a Joyful Staycation

This article by KonMari lists down ideas on different types of staycations anyone will surely enjoy.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen emphasizes the importance of envisioning your ideal trip, noting that staycations can take many forms, from exploring your own city to visiting nearby destinations, all without the hassle of extensive travel. Planning an itinerary ahead of time to make the staycation feel special and different from everyday life can be done through  incorporating enjoyable food experiences and tidying up before leaving your houses for a less stressful return after your vacation.

Do note practical considerations, starting with your budget. Jill suggests that understanding your spending plan can help determine the scope of your staycation, whether it’s an extravagant retreat or a simple one. Making special meals, whether you’re cooking something exciting at home or indulging in room service at a nearby hotel are great ways to cut costs. This is the time to slow down and rest so make sure to minimize distractions and ensure a truly relaxing experience.

Staycation Ideas for Every Taste

This article by KonMari shares different themes you can explore on your staycation.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Jen highly praises the several creative and solo staycation ideas listed in the article. For those inclined towards art, visiting nearby cities with museums and galleries, or engaging in artistic activities at home, such as candle making, pottery, or painting, remember that there’s also joy in solo travel experiences, and anyone could benefit from them. Take yourself out on a date, like going to a spa or pampering yourself. 

For a romantic staycation, Jill advises doing something new with a partner or recreating memorable moments. You can also try the idea of a faux staycation, where you bring elements of your dream destination near you—finding local equivalents or creating an ambiance reminiscent of your dream place. You can enjoy the essence of travel without leaving your area and spending less for now.

What’s your dream staycation?

Jill’s dream staycation is having a relaxing day in her own owner’s suite, whereas Jen wants a simple stay at a beach hotel.

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