Myths + Truths Of Everyday Millionaires w/Chris Hogan – EP137

We imagine right now more than ever people are discouraged about their finances and trying to just get stable; not even thinking about becoming a millionaire! BUT we believe that when we shift our mindset to believe our financial situation can improve, things change! For this reason, we’ve invited Chris Hogan from Ramsey Solutions on the show to help us shift our mindset by debunking some common myths that may be holding you back from believing wealth is possible for you.


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  • Money! Yes, it’s what makes the world and this podcast go ‘round! There are a few things money wants the Frugal Friends to clear up right now. First, money wants to be your friend, she wants to hang out with you so please stop sending her away like she’s a door-to-door salesman on Saturday morning. Second, money is looking for you. She knows you want more and she’s trying to bring friends but when you keep her trapped in a check account, or worse sending her away, her friends will follow her. So please, for money’s sake, keep her nearby and let her grow. 

Notable Notes:

We asked Chris Hogan all about the top 3 myths surrounding what it takes to be a millionaire:

  • What is a millionaire and why should you want to be one?
    • being an ‘everyday millionaire’ doesn’t have to be everyone’s goal, but it is possible for your assets to equal more than 1 million!
  • Myth 1: Wealthy people get lucky and make risky investments.
    • Not doing bit coin – using 401K, 403B, Roth IRA
  • Myth 2: Rich people have high-paying jobs or high-level positions.
    • Dont need a 6-figure salary
    • ⅓ of millionaires did NOT have
  • Myth 3: Millionaires come from wealthy families.
    • 80% of millionaires did not inherit a dime

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thank you Chris for sharing your favorite bill – Bill Cronan – football coach from college who pushed you to be better

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Lightning Round

If I were a rich girl… What’s that thing you can’t justify buying but would definitely get if money were no object.

  • Chris-Harley Davidson 2020 road king
  • Jill- My husband wanted a used water feature originally from restoration hardware (could have avoided some marital tension if money were no obeject ;))
  • Jen- Aldi wine advent calendar

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