How a No-Spend Month Can Help Your Finances – EP 127

We can often struggle to make big dents in our savings or debt payoff journey which leads to feelings of frustration and defeat. When the small spending changes aren’t cutting it anymore, we might consider a no-spend challenge! We’ve explored doing this for a day, or a week, but on this episode we talk about challenging ourselves to not spend for an entire month! Join us as we explore how ‘gamifying’ finances can help us achieve the progress in our budgets we so desire!


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  • Spending all the money you saved. Sinking funds are essential to afford big purchases like a home, a vacation, or new windows like we’re getting right now after months and months of putting it off because seeing all that money leave your bank account is really sad. But the energy you waste with paper thin windows from the 50’s is also sad so like there’s no joy here. Spending all the money you saved. I hate to see you leave but I love to watch you lower my energy bill.
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Notable Notes:

We’re excited to share this episode from our archives. It was a much loved episode at the time, and we think it has some great reminders that are worth revisiting about how to do a no-spend month!


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